Rumor: Apple to release 27-inch monitor with mini-LED in October

The Studio Display is a great display, but we may get something better in a few months. Apple would like to release a 27-inch monitor with mini-LED in October. Start saving, because it won’t come cheap.

‘Apple comes with 27-inch mini LED monitor’

Apple released the Studio Display earlier this year. That was the company’s first consumer-facing display in years. It’s a great device, but secretly this LCD monitor is hardly better than the screen of the 27-inch iMac that Apple recently removed from its range.

So there is room for something better and according to the reliable display analyst Ross Young we will get that too. Apple would like to release a new 27-inch monitor with mini-LED screen in October. We know mini-LED from the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro. Such screens achieve a very high brightness and have much better black values ​​than an ordinary LCD screen. Zones where nothing is visible are completely disabled.

Apple monitor mini LED
The MacBook Pro already has a mini LED screen

It is not yet clear what the device will be called. Our guess is ‘Studio Display Pro’. Unlike the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, the mini LED monitor will probably not have ProMotion, which provides extra smooth images. Thunderbolt cables, with which you connect the display to your laptop or computer, cannot handle the combination of a high 5K resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Presumably it is therefore just a 60Hz display.

Time to smash your piggy bank

At 1779 euros, the Studio Display is certainly not cheap. A comparable monitor from Apple with mini-LED will probably be a lot more expensive. In comparison: the professional-oriented 32-inch Pro Display XDR, which has a 6K resolution, costs at least 5499 euros. We expect the new display to be somewhere in between. Count on a price of at least 3000 euros.

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