#stayathomechallenge: The funniest ideas to survive at home

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In order not to infect ourselves and others with the corona virus, we should leave our homes as little as possible – say the authorities. But what to do if you get bored at home? Twitter users share their suggestions under the hashtag #stayathomechallenge.

The gym is closed, restaurants close earlier and you should avoid contacts with other people in the near future. But those who have spent the whole day in the home office may find it difficult to stay at home in the evenings and on weekends.

Isolation is important to slow the coronavirus infection rate. The American football player Tommy Thompson has therefore started a Twitter challenge that should inspire people not to leave their own four walls.

#stayathomechallenge: Keep exercising at home

Under the hashtag #stayathomechallenge (“stay at home” challenge), Thompson was originally aimed at youth football players – he showed them by video how they can continue to train with football at home.

In the meantime, the challenge has become a Twitter trend. On the platform there are more than 190,000 tweets (as of March 17th), in which users worldwide present their suggestions for a varied time at home. We have collected the funniest ideas:

To keep moving

Exercising is also possible without a gym – as numerous users show on Twitter. You don’t even need fitness equipment or balls: dishwashing liquid and water replace the treadmill, soccer exercises also work with toilet paper. In times of toilet paper shortages, however, this alternative may not be the best choice:

Toast with yourself

Do you usually meet up with friends in the evening in a restaurant, café or bar? During the Corona period you can do yourself – just at home. The user “dezaray” shows how you feel less alone:

spend time with the family

More time at home also means: more time for the family or roommates. This Twitter video shows what can come of it:

To dance

One of the most popular activities in self-quarantine: Dancing:

Do the household

Now is the opportunity to get the housekeeping up to Vodermann or to start cleaning the spring. If that’s too boring for you, you can add a soccer ball – in the spirit of the original #stayathomechallenge by soccer player Tommy Thompson:

Neighborhood sports

If you don’t want to do without contacts with other people, you have to be creative. A ball game is possible with like-minded neighbors:

Utopia thinks: The #stayathomechallenge shows: Spending the next days and weeks at home doesn’t have to be boring – it can even be fun. Of course, the Challenge proposals are not always serious. We have 9 tips on how you can make good use of your time at home.

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