Switch to iPhone: Apple explains how to do it in a video

When the iPhone 14 comes out in a month and a half, it will certainly appeal to some Android users. That’s why Apple has now released a video that answers some questions about moving from Android to iPhone. This is what you need to know.

Switch to iPhone

After WhatsApp recently made it easier for users to switch their chat history from Android to iPhone, Apple is now targeting users who want to switch. In a video, Apple discusses issues that are important for switchers. These include transferring contacts, photos and messages, possible trade-ins, reliability and more.

In addition, Apple also specifically discusses the long support for the iPhone. Many Android manufacturers are very careful in communicating the update policy, which makes users feel insecure. With the exception of a few major manufacturers like Google or Samsung, the companies behind Android phones rarely make guarantees about security updates.

In the video, Apple addresses the issue and promises that the iPhone will continue to receive updates “even as it gets older.” iOS 15 is mentioned as an example. This version is still compatible with an iPhone 6s that came out almost 6 years ago.

Even more benefits of the iPhone

In addition, Apple takes a detailed look at the overall iPhone longevity, water resistance, battery life, iOS reliability, as well as security and privacy for your personal data.

In fact, the video is a shortened version of the ‘Switch from Android to iPhone‘-website. It explains everything smartphone users need to know about switching to an iPhone. Apple also has a ‘Switch to iOS‘-Android app that makes transferring data easier. This app makes it possible, among other things, to transfer your treasure history from WhatsApp.

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