Ted Lasso Returns for Season 3 (Here’s When)

Ted Lasso fans can rub their hands because there will be a season 3. And the good thing is: you don’t even have to wait that long!

Ted Lasso: Season 3 is coming

After the extremely successful first and second seasons, there will now also be a third season of Ted Lasso. And those new episodes are coming very soon. You can watch the new season exclusively on Apple TV Plus from March 15. Can’t wait? Check out the new trailer below!

American football coach Ted Lasso is hired by a wealthy divorcee to coach the England national team AFC Richmond in this entertaining comedy series. However, Ted has absolutely no experience in coaching a team.

The series is packed with humor and the episodes of the first two seasons also have a very good rating on the website IMDB. Not very surprising, because Ted Lasso is played by Jason Sudeikis, who you may know from the popular show Saturday Night Live.

ted lasso

Ted Lasso’s third season is only available on Apple TV Plus. This season again consists of 12 episodes, just like the second season (the first season had 10). So do you want to start watching immediately on March 15? Then you have to take out a subscription to Apple TV Plus.

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Much more has recently been added to Apple TV Plus. For example, you can now also enjoy the series ‘Dear Edward’ in which young Edward is the only survivor of a plane crash. A group of strangers, all of whom have lost someone, come together to learn how to get on with life.

In addition, with the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ series you step into the retro future, with jetpacks and robots for all small tasks. There you meet Jack Billings (played by Billy Crudup) who, together with a team, tries to rent out houses on the moon.

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