The iPhone 15 Pro Max becomes a lot faster thanks to iOS 18

Recent test results show that the iPhone 15 Pro Max with iOS 18 is much faster than with iOS 17. This is the difference.

iPhone 15 Pro Max gets faster thanks to iOS 18

A test conducted by Geekbench compares the Machine Learning performance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in iOS 17 and in iOS 18. The results of this test show that there is a significant speed increase even in the beta version of iOS 18.

The hardware of the iPhone 15 Pro Max already provided a significant speed improvement compared to its predecessor. The Geekbench test now shows that the iPhone 15 Pro Max with iOS 18 and specifically the Neural Processing Unit can be even faster.

@lafaiel on X (formerly Twitter) already showed that the numbers (again specific to the Neural Processing Unit) were surprisingly high. Running iOS 17.5.1, the iPhone 15 Pro Max achieved a Geekbench score of 6249. The same device updated to iOS 18 achieved a score of 7816 in the same test. The figures are now confirmed by the results on the website Geekbench.

Better optimization

Scores and specifications are usually not easy to translate into practical examples. Especially when the scores only relate to the Machine Learning component. But it still shows that iOS 18 optimizes the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s neural engine cores better than iOS 17 did.

The same source goes on to say that the results will be much greater on some of Geekbench’s other tests. There, the update to iOS 18 improved one result by no less than 1000 percent.

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