These features will (probably) come to your iPhone with iOS 18

iOS 18 will be released next year and it will reportedly be a major update for your iPhone. These features are likely coming to iOS 18!

Apple is working on iOS 18

This year we will probably see one more update for your iPhone with iOS 17.2, which will bring a number of cool features to your phone. In previous test versions it became clear that the Messages app and the action button of the iPhone 15 will get new functions with iOS 17.2. In addition, a completely new camera function is coming to your iPhone, but you won’t be able to use it fully for a while.

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The next major update for your iPhone is iOS 18. We will have to wait a while for that, because Apple will not release iOS 18 until September. Yet rumors already reveal a number of new features that will come to your iPhone next year. Are you curious about what will change with the software update? These new features are likely coming to iOS 18!

iOS 18 Siri

1. Many new features for AI

In 2023, the use of AI has become much more popular worldwide. Thanks to ChatGPT and other chatbots, artificial intelligence is now easy to use for everyone. Unfortunately, these developments came too late for Apple’s iOS 17, which was already in an advanced stage. That’s why Apple is likely catching up with iOS 18 when it comes to AI features.

Siri in particular is reportedly getting a major update in iOS 18 through the use of artificial intelligence. That’s not the only thing that will change with the arrival of AI, these features are coming to iOS 18:

  • Integration of AI into Messages, which can provide automatic replies;
  • New AI features in Apple Music to create playlists;
  • Apps such as Keynote and Pages are also being expanded with AI;
  • Xcode gets AI support, so developers can write software faster.

2. Support for RCS

iOS 18 also makes it a lot easier to send photos and videos from an iPhone to a device running Android. Apple will switch to RCS in 2024 (rich communications services). This is a new standard for sending messages between different operating systems, which offers many more possibilities.

While you are currently limited to a maximum length of 160 characters in an SMS message, with RCS you have much more freedom. RCS allows you to share high-quality photos and videos via SMS. In addition, you can send audio messages and create group conversations with RCS. You no longer need an app for this, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. These apps will therefore become redundant, because you will soon only need iMessage on your iPhone.


More features for iOS 18

Apple itself has confirmed support for RCS, which is undoubtedly due to new European legislation. So, with all the new AI features, we can expect big changes in iOS 18, which is said to be the biggest iPhone update in years. Apple itself also called the update challenging, which means expectations for next year are high.

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We still have to wait a while for iOS 18, but that does not mean that new features will not come to your iPhone in the meantime. iOS 17.2 will be released in December with these new features for your device. Do you want to know more about iOS 18? Then read here which iPhone will soon be able to update to the next software update!

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