This is how scientific knowledge changes our everyday life

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In medicine in particular, science noticeably increases our quality of life. (Image:, kkolosov)

The earth revolves around the sun, man is part of evolution and children suffer from an authoritarian lifestyle: Countless wisdoms of mankind have been obtained through scientific processes and research. Even today we benefit every day from scientific knowledge and from the possibilities and technologies that result from it. Most of the time, we are not even aware of how much science shapes our everyday lives. This article therefore introduces various areas that would be inconceivable without science.

Medical knowledge in everyday life

We especially use medical knowledge in everyday life. If we have a headache, we take an appropriate tablet and a calf compress or feverish juices help against a fever. We protect ourselves against dangerous diseases with vaccinations and teas made from plants with valuable active ingredients help to maintain or restore health if we have ever been hit by a disease. Obstetrics ensures that women have children with as little pain as possible and that a caesarean section can be used for the benefit of the child in dangerous situations

Scientific knowledge has made it possible to get dangerous diseases such as measles and chickenpox under control. Accordingly, life expectancy has risen noticeably in the last century. Even dangerous injuries can be treated in hospitals and emergency doctors can help quickly on site if an acute illness occurs. Devices such as defibrillators, which are also only available thanks to scientific knowledge, help them here.

Robo-advisors make the financial world tangible

The financial world is strongly shaped by technology. Today, many financial decisions are made with the help of hardware and software that allow transactions to be carried out in a fraction of a second. This is important because it is often only very short periods of time that determine whether you make a profit or a loss with an investment. But it is also helpful for laypeople to be able to fall back on scientific findings and technologies when making their own financial decisions.

For example, many investors today rely on robo-advisors like those at Robo-advisor comparison to be introduced. These are automated asset managers who recommend certain financial products based on specific data and information. Depending on your own investment strategy, conservative or risky products can be selected and packed into your own portfolio. Such robo-advisors, which work using modern algorithms, enable everyone to take part in the financial markets.

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The achievements of science are particularly evident in smart homes. (Image:, Gerd Altmann)

Digital technologies in everyday life

Our everyday world is strongly shaped by technologies that would be inconceivable without scientific knowledge. It starts with the television set, which uses physical principles to be able to display the desired films, series and content. Likewise, a smartphone only works if scientific principles are exploited and physical rules are adhered to.

Science plays an important role, especially in the field of smart homes. It is required to network the individual components and is suitable for controlling voice assistants as well as for monitoring using cameras or using music systems. Thanks to scientific findings, heaters, washing machines or refrigerators can also be controlled and used via apps. This allows users the greatest possible flexibility and individuality.

Modern mobility is inconceivable without science

Scientific knowledge plays an indispensable role in modern mobility. It took centuries before humans were able to overcome gravity and invent an airplane. Today there is brisk air traffic all over the world and modern cars with electric motors or for autonomous driving only work thanks to scientific knowledge.

A variety of technologies are built into the individual vehicles, which also use physical and scientific principles. These include, for example, navigation systems or on-board computers that inform or entertain the driver. Likewise, many safety functions such as airbags or side impact protection make use of scientific findings.

Businesses depend on science

Modern companies are heavily dependent on scientific knowledge. There are many corporate processes that rely heavily on robots and other technologies. In production lines in particular, various work steps are no longer carried out by humans, but with the help of technologies such as robotic arms. The control of numerous tasks and processes is even here from the home office possible. In addition, chemical knowledge is used in the food industry to produce healthy, high-quality and long-life food.

But the cooperation of the individual team members and employees in a company also works according to scientific principles. There are certain behaviors and group dynamics that follow clear patterns. If management is familiar with the psychological peculiarities that play a role when people work together, they can make optimal use of the workforce, prevent disruptions and friction, and ensure that everyone works together efficiently and professionally.

Scientific knowledge from sport and nutrition

In the areas of sport and nutrition, it is important to have scientific knowledge available and to use it. For example, people need a certain amount of exercise and physical fitness to stay healthy. Sitting a lot in the office and during leisure time is extremely unhealthy. Such insights have been gained through scientific studies and research and help to lead a significantly healthier life.

The same applies to nutrition. Nutritional science has found out in numerous studies which foods and in which quantities are beneficial for humans. Thus, it is then possible, based on scientific knowledge, to set up a healthy nutrition plan and to keep your own life expectancy as high as possible. There are now even urine tests that can be used to determine how healthy a person is actually eating. Since not all of them have the necessary knowledge in the area of ​​nutrition, some rely on the collaboration with nutritionists in order to come up with the best individual solutions.


Our modern life is inconceivable without science. It increases people’s quality of life and ensures that life expectancy increases continuously. Both technical

Findings as well as medical, physical, chemical and psychological facts help to organize our life efficiently and to draw the greatest possible happiness from it. It is important to always be aware of the great role science plays in our lives and to appreciate how we benefit from it.

December 23, 2021

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