This is how you get a Mickey Mouse watch face on your iPhone home screen

The Apple Watch has a cool Mickey Mouse dial. We show you how to get this Mickey Mouse watch face on your iPhone.

Set Mickey Mouse watch face on your iPhone

The Clock app on your iPhone already tells the time, of course, but it’s pretty boring. Wouldn’t it be more fun to use one of the popular Apple Watch watch faces on your iPhone? How about the Mickey Mouse watch face on your iPhone home screen? We show you how to do that.

To set up the Mickey Mouse clock face you need the Widgy app. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. You will also need the image below. You need to save this in your iPhone’s camera roll.

Mickey Mouse

Have you done that once? Then you can start the Widgy app. Set the language to Dutch / Dutch and tap ‘Continue’ several times. Then tap ‘Create’ at the bottom left. Then tap the green ‘Import > Import QR Code From Photos’ button. Then select the Mickey Mouse photo you saved and tap Add.

widgy mickey step 1

Tap the arrow at the top left to return to the main screen. Then select ‘Manage’ at the bottom of the window. Under ‘Small Widgy Slots’, click on ‘Small #1’. Then choose the Mickey Mouse watch face that you want to put on the home screen of your iPhone. To the question ‘Apply theme?’ choose ‘No’.

widy mickey step 2

Close the Widgy app and press and hold your finger on an empty spot on your home screen until the apps start to vibrate. Tap the button with the plus sign (‘+’) at the top left. Choose ‘Widgy’ from the list and select ‘Small #1’. Then choose ‘Add widget’. The Mickey Mouse watch face will then immediately appear on your home screen.

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