This is how you order groceries in the Albert Heijn app


To have Albert Heijn deliver your groceries to your home, you can choose to use the internet in the browser, but there is also an Albert Heijn app. You can order groceries at the supermarket via the app.

In both the Apple App Store as the Google Play Store you can find the Albert Heijn app if you search on Albert Heijn. When you open the app, you will not immediately end up in the ordering process. There are also recipes and menu compilers, as well as offers at the supermarket. You can also create a shopping list that you can sort by the walking route of your store. However, we are not going to do that, so tap ‘more’. You must then log in. If you already have a profile then you can use it, if not then create one. This is necessary to have groceries delivered.

You create a profile by clicking on “Log in” and then “Create a new profile”. Here you register your e-mail address and the password that you want to use. Choose whether you already have a (free) Bonus card or not. Note: if you want to use the offers then this card is required. You can then indicate whether you want to receive the newsletter and other information that applies to you. Click on “Register”. You will receive an email to confirm your profile and you can immediately log in with the new profile in the app.

Make a profile


To do the shopping you go to “More” again. Then choose “Order online”. You can then choose between home delivery and Pick Up Point. A Pick Up Point is a sort of collection center for orders, often at an Albert Heijn store. Handy if you are driving past a store, but don’t have the time (or desire) to collect all the products yourself. Moreover, if you choose smartly, no service costs are charged, so you only pay for your groceries (and the deposit for the crates, more about that later). In this explanation we opt for home delivery. Tap ‘Choose Home Delivery’ and select a moment when you are home. It often involves time slots of two hours, but there are also longer time blocks that are cheaper and slightly more sustainable, because the delivery van can be better planned if your neighbors also order on that day.

Tap the date and time that suits you and make sure you are home to receive the delivery person. You can then search for products and place them in your order either via the button at the bottom of “Bonus” or via “Add something to your order”. For example, you can enter “Sprinkles”, or more specifically “De Ruijter Sprinkles”, this will be added to your list and you can tap it to choose the right one. You can also add it directly while tapping in the search bar, as products appear below the search bar while you tap. Make sure you have filled your basket with products that together cost more than 70 euros. An exception is when you have chosen an Allerhande Box menu (for this, however, your delivery time must not be less than four days after the order time), because then you can order products yourself for any amount that you wish.

Add product

Confirm the order

When you have finished shopping, tap on “Order” and possibly close the sprinkles selection menu. Tap the blue “order online” button. Here you can see everything at a glance: when Albert Heijn arrives, how many groceries you have, what they cost, what your delivery costs are and once again summarized what you all buy. You can also enter a promotional code here, for example on birthdays you often get a code for free delivery: enter it here. If you are satisfied with your basket, you can continue to “Continue” at the top right. There is then a brief explanation of how you pay. People often pay with their debit card. You pay at the door. Authorization is also possible, but it takes more time to organize this with the supermarket chain.

Also important: under this last information before you confirm your order, you will also see an explanation about costs, cancellation and folding crates. A part of the groceries goes in a plastic bag (often the fridge items), a part in cardboard bags (for example bread) and most products go in crates. These blue sturdy crates cost a 4 euro deposit. You cannot influence how many crates Albert Heijn uses to transport your things, but they are often filled to the brim to use the space in the delivery van efficiently. You pay a deposit for the crates because you have them on loan: you can unpack the groceries at your leisure.

Complete order

Folding crates

The next time you order, you return them and this deposit will be deducted from your new order. The plastic packaging in which your groceries are transported is 5 cents, because stores must charge money for plastic bags according to European legislation. Tap ‘confirm’ once more in the top left and you will receive an email with your groceries once again, when they are delivered and – not unimportantly – until you can still adjust your shopping order (often up to 12 noon or 12 noon) night the day before).

Another smart tip for the wallet: there are often promotions where a certain brand of products delivers you free delivery. The products that belong to this and when this promotion is valid can be seen on the Bonus page.

Bonus folder


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