This is how you put cross-references in your Word document

Especially in bulky Word documents, it can be difficult to get to the relevant content quickly. Cross-references allow the reader to reach the correct page, heading, table or image with a single mouse click. In addition, these links automatically adjust when you add a page to it later or when you edit a heading or caption.

Step 1: Open panel

In this article we take as an example a large text about horse breeds. It would be helpful if the first page lists all the varieties we are discussing, with each item linking to the appropriate paragraph. To make things easy for ourselves, we work with styles. Every variety that is discussed has the style Cup got. Then, on the first page, add a cross-reference to the correct part within the text, place the cursor where the reference should be and click Cross-references. This can be done in two ways. Either you go through the tab Insert to the group Links and you click on that Cross-reference. Either you use the tab References where you are in the group Captions on the button Cross-reference clicks.

Insert a cross-reference where you want to reference part of the bulky text.

Step 2: Setup

Because you work with styles, you no longer need to insert the link to the headline yourself. In the box Reference type select you Cup and in the box Referring to select you Header. Below that you will see the list of all the items you style Cup have given. Select the correct heading and click the button Insert. The text of the selected heading appears in the overview on page 1. In the same way you can access References also add a link to one Head number, for example “3.5 Bavarian warmblood horse”. Depending on Reference type the referral options appear at the bottom of the window. Choose you as Reference type in front of Figure, you can place a link to an image, table or graph if you have provided it with a caption.

Step 3: Change

Such a cross-reference works both ways. In other words: when you later change a heading – for example, you change the heading “Arab” to “Arab thoroughbred” – the text of the link on page 1 also changes. But before you see such a textual change in the content or index, you have to select the full text and right-click on the selection and then click Update field choose.

You have to right-click Update field to adjust the hyperlink.

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