This is how you watch Amazon Prime Video on your TV

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s video streaming service, which includes great shows like The Man in the High Castle and Fleabag, along with a large selection of well-known and lesser-known movies. However, you do not only get there with an Amazon subscription, because you also need a television. This is how you watch Amazon Prime Video on your television.

Amazon Prime Video is the streaming service from Amazon that you get “for free” with your Amazon Prime subscription. This Prime plan is primarily for people who want free shipping when shopping on Amazon, but it comes with benefits like Amazon Prime Video, benefits on the game streaming service Twitch, and free cloud photo storage. The Prime subscription is not free.

After you can try the service for 30 days for free, Amazon charges 2.99 euros per month for this privilege. There, especially if you are fond of films and series, you can do quite a bit. There is a lot of content on it, including strong Amazon Original series or beloved films from the past and present. We’ve recommended some good series before, but you can also watch big movies like Hustlers, Vice, Fast & Furious, Booksmart, The Green Book, the Harry Potter movies and many more. In short, it is a very nice side effect if you shop a lot on Amazon, but there are also many people who do not shop on Amazon at all and have just subscribed through the streaming service.

Amazon Prime Video on your smart TV

Of course you want to be able to watch that streaming service and then preferably on your big television screen at home. It’s generally pretty easy to access Amazon Prime Video on your television, but it depends on what television you have. With a smart TV, it’s just a matter of looking up an app, downloading it, logging in with your Amazon account, and you can start watching. You will then remain logged in to the app, so you can click that app on your television and look further.

Amazon Prime Video via Chromecast or Apple TV

However, if you do not have a smart TV, there are also other ways to see Amazon Prime Video: you can, for example, by using a smartphone and Chromecast. You can also watch Amazon Prime Video on your smartphone, for which you can download the app. If you install a Chromecast device on your television (it does require an HDMI port), you can tap the “chromecast” icon in the Amazon Prime Video app. The same goes for Apple TV, which basically counts as the “chromecast” for iPhone.

Amazon Prime Video via your laptop

You can also use the Chrome browser on a laptop or computer to stream to a Chromecast. Since Amazon Prime Video also has an internet page where all content is on, you can also turn it on on your computer and have it cast to your television.

Amazon Prime Video through your game console

Another option is the game console, as the aforementioned app is also available on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. You’ve probably already connected your console to your television anyway, so just crank it to watch the streaming service through your gaming device. This works the same as starting a game, only then open the app and select what you want to watch with your game controller. You also use your controller to pause or access menus.

Amazon Prime Video via your TV receiver

Finally, there is another way to enjoy your Amazon subscription, namely by looking through your provider’s box. Many providers of the standard television packages have made it possible to watch Amazon Prime Video on the media box. You only need to ask your provider which channel to choose for this and whether you have the right TV receiver, because not all models are supported. In addition, you often have to log in to your television provider’s website to activate your Prime subscription on the TV receiver.

There are many ways to watch Amazon Prime Video and there are many things to see. Lots of fun!


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