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WhatsApp has received a major update, which should make it easier to free up space on your phone, among other things. Soon it will be possible to send messages with a limited lifespan.

WhatsApp has made a major change in the way files such as photos and videos are stored on your phone, making it easier to free up space on your smartphone.

There has been speculation about such an update since August of this year, but now the function is available to every user by going to Settings and then on Management Storage in the menu Storage and data.

While it was already possible to delete videos and images downloaded via WhatsApp from your phone quite easily, the update makes it a lot easier to identify and assess files that take up the most space and then review them in one go. to delete. Previously, you could not sort files by size, so you were quickly tempted to delete all photos and videos to free up space on your phone.

The update not only allows you to pick out the largest files, but also files that have been forwarded many times. Such files usually already circulate several times on your smartphone and WhatsApp can now pick out those duplicate photos, GIFs or videos.

Limited life messages

Another feature launching soon for the popular chat app is the ability to have sent messages automatically deleted on the recipient’s phone. By enabling messages with an expiration date, new messages sent in the chat app disappear after seven days. Even if the messages have not yet been read by the recipient, they will disappear after these seven days. Each user can turn this feature on or off in individual chats. For group conversations, only the group administrator can do this.

WhatsApp recommends that you only send messages with an expiration date to people you trust. It is still possible to forward such chats or to take a screenshot, so that the sent text can still be saved. Photos and videos that you send via WhatsApp can also be deleted after seven days. Keep in mind that users who have turned on automatic downloading will still have the media on their phone until they manually delete these files.


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