This is why I switched from Google Maps to Waze

Although Maps and Waze are both from Google, I switched to Waze after using Google Maps for a long time. This is why.

This is why I switched from Google Maps to Waze

An important preliminary note is that I only use a navigation app on my iPhone when I go out by car. In practice, I only cycle to destinations that I can find with my eyes closed. And the few times I go by train, I use the NS app. But nowadays when I go by car, I no longer use Google Maps but Waze. I will list my reasons for this for you.

1. Simple interface

While this may be a disadvantage for some people, for me it is an advantage. As I said, I’m in the car when I navigate. With Waze I am sure that everything is correct. I can’t accidentally set the app to ‘Public Transport’ or ‘Cycling’. I don’t need more either, so the simple interface is perfect for me!

Google Maps Waze

2. Flexible navigation and alerts

Navigating is of course fine with both Google Maps and Waze. But Waze makes a difference by automatically recalculating routes based on traffic along the way. You will also receive notifications of accidents and lane closures. Thanks to the large number of users who contribute to this, this is done a lot more efficiently than with Google Maps. Waze also proactively indicates when it is better to take an alternative route, something that Google Maps does not do.

notifications waze

3. Waze has more up-to-date maps

The large number of users participating in Waze has several advantages. Users are encouraged to share data via a points system, which provides a lot of up-to-date traffic information. Errors in the maps are often corrected immediately. This means Waze has more up-to-date maps than competitors such as TomTom and Google Maps.

4. Waze shows the speed limit

While navigating, you will continuously see your current speed at the bottom left. This is automatically compared with the permitted maximum speed where you are driving. If you drive too fast, your speed will be displayed in red. This is a major advantage of Waze over Google Maps.

You can indicate when the set maximum speed is incorrect. However, this is not intended for places where only a temporary adjustment to the maximum speed applies.

google maps waze

5. You can link your agenda

It is possible to link your calendar to Waze, so that it automatically has access to your appointments. You will then immediately see where you need to go when you open Waze. In addition, you will receive a signal when it is time to leave, based on the current traffic information. To connect your calendar, tap the menu button at the top left, choose ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Scheduled trips’.

Keep in mind that Waze will then have access to your entire agenda (although Google and therefore also Maps already have access to your Google Calendar anyway). It is not possible to share only certain data, but you will always have your route and departure time at hand.

link agenda

6. Find the best departure time

Because Waze is so well informed about current traffic situations, it is also possible to have the app search for the best departure time. Sometimes your route is extremely busy when you want to leave. Unlike Google Maps, Waze can tell you much more reliably when it is expected to be a lot quieter on that route.

To check this, start your route. Then tap the up arrow at the bottom right. Under ‘Find the best departure time’ you can immediately see how busy it is at the moment and whether that will change soon. Tap the overview for a more detailed view.

google maps waze

Waze also has disadvantages

Compared to Google Maps, Waze of course also has disadvantages. Waze is not only more limited, you also miss features such as StreetView and Satellite View. But what’s more annoying is that with Waze you have to deal with advertisements and you can’t save offline maps. Nevertheless, I happily made the switch to Waze for the six reasons mentioned!

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