Toyota Land Cruiser ready for vaccine transport

Toyota has prepared the Land Cruiser (J70) for vaccine transport in hard-to-reach areas. WHO has given its approval.

Vaccine delivery is even more challenging in some parts of the world than it is here in Europe. Toyota is responding to this with a Land Cruiser specially adapted for vaccine transport. The J70 generation has been used as the basis for this. This type of Land Cruiser is still being made new and you will find a lot in developing countries, where it is not surprisingly also works as a ‘vaccine courier’.

Toyota worked with B Medical Systems to install a vaccine-compatible refrigerator in the back of the Land Cruiser. According to Toyota, 400 vaccine packs can be kept refrigerated in this 396-liter refrigerator. Not cold enough for Pfizer’s corona vaccine, for example, but cold enough for many other vaccines. This Land Cruiser is therefore mainly used for transporting long-standing vaccines that are mainly intended for children in Africa, although in the long run it should of course also facilitate the transport of other corona vaccines in hard-to-reach parts of developing countries. The WHO has issued a certificate of approval, according to Toyota, so the good work can start quickly.

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