The web is full of useful artificial intelligence applications that you can use for free. Here you will find our overview of good and useful AIs.

Edited by Megan van der Wagt and Rob Coenraads

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Do you have to give a presentation tomorrow, but you haven’t prepared anything yet? No problem, because Tome helps you with that. Enter what you want your presentation to be about and Tome will write his own slides, complete with AI-generated images that match the content. This way, in about thirty seconds you will have an entire slide presentation that you can use straight away. And if you think that’s going a bit too far, you can also give him one outline have it made, in which you can then enter your own texts. The only disadvantage: Tome does not currently work in Dutch, although fortunately this has no effect on the outline-function. Tome works with one by the way creditssystem, as you often encounter with AIs. You get five hundred for free, good for about thirty presentations. After that you get extra credits by inviting friends and family to the service.

The Internet gives us access to just about any information you can imagine. But that does not mean that the information is understandable to everyone. Of course, you can read an article about the theory of relativity on Wikipedia, but you will undoubtedly come across language and terms that you will have difficulty with. Fortunately there is now Explain Like I’m Fivean AI that exactly does what the name says: explains something so that it is understandable to everyone. Choose first Dutch for Dutch and enter what Explainyou want to know in the field where it says Ask me to explain anything. Ask for example How does the theory of relativity work? and indicate how smart you feel at that moment. Then press Run and you will have an understandable explanation in no time. You get three free every day prompts: if you want more, you will spend a maximum of 7 dollars per month.

Fliki is a very good example of how all developments in the world of AI can come together. With this web app you can create a complete film for social media using written text, with very little effort. Ideal if you have a blog or your own website, the content of which you want to share on other channels. It works as follows: set Fliki to a Dutch voice of your choice (you can also choose a Flemish accent) and paste your.text in multiple parts. Film images are then automatically searched for that match your text, and everything is spoken and subtitled by the AI. This way you go from a dry text to a complete film, without having to know anything about video editing. You can create five minutes of video for free per month. Anyone who wants more must pay $6 per month.


Translation machines on the web are nothing new, because they were already there two decades ago. Unfortunately, we feel that many options have not improved much over the years, although Google Translate has made a step in quality. Many other translation machines still often produce crooked translations, which means you can’t actually use them for professional purposes.
With DeepL, a translation engine that uses the latest machine learningtechniques, you don’t have that problem. In general, the translations with this machine are error-free, which makes it much more suitable for your work or studies. Also nice: if you throw in a PDF or Word file, it will be translated while the formatting is retained. DeepL is basically free. Only if you translate a lot of documents or use texts longer than 5,000 characters, it will cost you €8.99 per month.

The name connects the Pixar robot Wall-E with the Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. After successful registration (which will award you 50 credits), Dall-E 2 will display a text field and a button to upload an image to use as a template. The web app offers no other options. After entering a prompt, the service generates four square images per credit. Once your credits are used up, you can purchase a supply of 115 additional credits for $15.

You can download selected images or create variations from them via a menu. In the very sparse photo editor you can delete parts of the photo and set frames. below My Collection OpenAI stores all previous creations online, protected in your account.

About four out of five applications provide illustrations; sometimes you see photos appear. If you want photorealistic images, you can adjust this with keywords such as photography or digital art, but that sometimes dilutes the content. Dall-E 2 delivers first-class image quality and even manages to capture human faces, although it doesn’t always succeed.


No matter how satisfied you are with the furnishings of your home, there comes a time when you are ready for something new. A new piece of furniture here, new curtains there, a lick of paint on the wall… But what would actually look good? Of – made in the Netherlands – you will find out soon enough. It’s very easy: first create an account, where it can take (in our case) a few hours until the registration email appears in your mailbox. Then upload a photo of the room you want to tackle and indicate what style you like. The AI ​​then does the rest and generates multiple images of how you might decorate your room. However, the furniture, rugs, curtains and more are completely fictional: so it is up to you to find items on the internet or on the home furnishings store that resemble the things in your inspiration picture. The first fifty images cost nothing and that is usually enough for many good ideas.

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