Using OneDrive for backup


Use OneDrive to back up files. There are two options: upload files manually or sync them.

A backup is nothing more and nothing less than a copy of something elsewhere. That place can be an external hard drive or USB stick, but it can also be online. With an online backup of files, people run no risk of loss, theft or damage to, for example, the external hard drive. Store files online with OneDrive, among other things. In the article “What is OneDrive?” discuss what this service entails.

With a manual backup, the original file is on the computer and the user makes a copy of it on the OneDrive website. In this case, the files will not be synchronized. That means if the file is edited in one place, it will remain unedited in the other place.

Read how uploading files via the website works in the article ‘Working with OneDrive over the Internet’.

If the OneDrive program is on your computer, a OneDrive folder will appear in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). All files in this folder are also stored online in OneDrive. They are synchronized. So one file is available in two places and changes are saved in both locations. Note: if you delete a file from this folder or from the cloud, the file will be deleted in both places.

The OneDrive program is available for Windows (Install OneDrive on Windows) and Mac (Install OneDrive on Mac).

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