Victorinox INOX very strong, waterproof and very beautiful

The Victorinox INOX watches can be recognized at a glance from thousands of watches. The unique look of these special and practical watches originated from love for the basic material: Steel. So strong that an eight-ton truck can drive over it, yet exceptionally stylish!

INOX as strong as steel

As a producer of the world-famous Swiss pocket knife, Victorinox knows like no other how to combine the properties of steel with the wishes of professionals. The result is a very strong watch that can withstand the most extreme conditions. And yet, in all this ‘violence’, the result is a very beautifully designed watch with which the wearer can look good in all situations.

The water resistance of the INOX is also fine. All Victorinox watches are at least 10 ATM water resistant. The INOX models are also 20 ATM waterproof as standard. The professional Divers are also ISO certified and anti-magnetic for extra safety.

Photo Victorinox INOX watch

Photo Victorinox INOX watch

Test, test, test

Not only is the sample of Victorinox INOX watches developed in collaboration with students from the École cantonale d’art Lausanne. All Victorinox watches are subjected to 100 tests. That is 50% more than all other Swiss Made watches.

The INOX watches are even subjected to 130 tests before they are put on the market. Water resistance, as well as shock resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, traction, torsion and vibration resistance. All extremes are released on the product. For example, by first freezing the watch and then extremely heating it.


The INOX family started with one popular quartz model and quickly expanded. From automatic watches for lovers of Swiss precision timepieces to a lightweight titanium variant for extra scratch resistance and structural strength.


The INOX Mechanical is the ‘dress’ version of the series. The refined automatic Swiss caliber 2824-2 movement is visible through the glass in the case lid. A nice detail is the Guilloché pattern on the dial that has the structure of the handle of a Swiss army knife as is included with some Victorinox Alliance watches.

Professional divers

The robust Professional diver has been specially developed for serious water sports enthusiasts. With a special blue Superluminova coating on the minute hand and bezel, and green Superluminova on the hour markers, this dive watch is also very legible under water. The easily adjustable steel or silicone rubber strap is very comfortable on the wrist or diving suit. The watches are ISO certified and anti-magnetic. As a result, the timepiece is extra protected against deviations.

Photo Victorinox INOX watch
▴ Mechanical watch with textured dial and basswood strap.

Photo Victorinox INOX watch
▴ Pro Diver with clear, luminous indices and hands

Carbon and Titanium

These watches are specially designed for the young urban man who is looking for a high quality technical watch. Carbon and titanium are strong, hypoallergenic materials that both have their own look. In addition, these watches are lightweight and combine water resistance to 200 meters with a high level of structural rigidity with scratch resistance.

In addition, carbon – an exceptional material made of carbon composite – is extremely heat resistant. For years it has protected the space shuttle from reentry temperatures above 1,260 °C. . The 241858.1 INOX Carbon therefore comes with a special edition rescue tool that is used by the Swiss Fire Brigade.

V especially for women

The V-series from INOX has been specially developed for women. With exactly the same qualities as the men’s watches, but in a smaller size and available in other colors, such as rose gold. This watch is the ideal companion for the modern woman who takes on everyday adventures in style.

Photo Victorinox INOX watch
▴ Titanium divers

Photo Victorinox INOX ladies watch
▴ Smaller size (37mm) INOX V for women

Lots of extras

Victorinox also pays great attention to the accessories. Everything to make the watch even more practical and even stronger.


The removable silicone ‘bumper’ that comes with different models is extra protection for the watch. It fits perfectly with the contours of the case and thus prevents the watch from getting scratches during daily use. The four cardinal points make it a compass that you can use in outdoor activities.

Watch straps made of paracord and basswood

Paracord was originally used for parachutes and meets the strict standards of the US military. The nylon cord, which can hold up to 250 kg, consists of an outer sheath and seven strands that, when unraveled, can be used to make a fishing net, replace a shoelace or form an arc drill to start a fire.

A special innovation from Victorinox is the application of lime wood veneer on leather watch straps. Strong, durable and flexible, with a luxurious look and feel and the perfect match for stylish mechanical watches. And, the wood has been specially cultivated for this with respect for nature.

Photo Victorinox bumper
▴ Bumper for extra protection

Photo Victorinox wooden watch strap
▴ Flexible strap made of lime wood and leather

Photo Victorinox paracord watch strap
▴ Paracord strap for survival situations

Victorinox watches at Techzle

In addition to INOX, Techzle also has other Victorinox lines in its collection. For example, also take a look at the new Fieldforce chronographs with seconds hand in the shape of a Swiss army knife. Or the Classic Alliance men’s and women’s watches.

Photo Victorinox Fieldforce chronograph
▴ Field force chronograph

Photo Victorinox Alliance men's watch
▴ Alliance men’s watch

All Victorinox watches from our collection are available in our stores in Breda and Rotterdam. Check the website for availability or book online.

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