‘Volkswagen Scirocco may return’

Cousin of electric Porsche 718 successor

Volkswagen Scirocco prototype

The Volkswagen Scirocco seems to be making a second comeback. According to the British Coach Volkswagen is considering an electric sports coupe with that iconic name.

Remember the Volkswagen Scirocco? Younger readers will probably think of the modern Scirocco that came onto the market in 2008, but that was of course already a reincarnation. The first Volkswagen Scirocco appeared as early as 1974, just like the later Golf-based one, followed by a second generation that lasted until 1992. Now the Volkswagen Scirocco seems to be making a second return, because the British Coach has understood from a ‘highly placed insider’ that Volkswagen is considering an electric Scirocco.

It would be a sports coupe that shares its basis with, among others, the upcoming electric successor to the Porsche 718. This would give it a considerably more powerful basis than its predecessors. We say ‘including the 718’, because Cupra would also consider building a sports car on that basis. It would be inspired by the Cupra DarkRebel, a 4.5 meter long two-door spectacle. Of course, Audi cannot lag behind either, as it would follow up with a sequel to the TT.

For the time being, not much is known about the technical basis in question. This could be a further development of the well-known PPE basis, on which the electric Porsche Macan, among others, sits. It has a power of up to 639 hp, which should be enough. However, Audi has also already discussed a base developed specifically for electric sports cars with parts of Volkswagen’s new SSP platform.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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