We must all become more sustainable. So why don’t ministers drive electric cars?

From 2030, no new fuel cars may be sold in the Netherlands. Everything must be clean, green, electric, but the ministers themselves are not really setting a good example. Of the 31 cars in the fleet for ministers, only two are fully electric.

We must all become more sustainable.  So why don't ministers drive electric cars?

‘A better environment starts with yourself.’ Unless you are a minister or state secretary. Because then you can simply drive from one place to another in a large Audi, BMW or Mercedes with a petrol or diesel engine. CO2 emissions in the Netherlands must be reduced. And that is why no new fuel cars may be sold from 2030. Everyone should be electric. But the government itself is not setting a good example in this regard. Why not?

Of the official cars for ministers, two are electric

31 cars have been reserved for ministers. Two of these are fully electric, twenty have a hybrid powertrain and the rest run on petrol (five cars) or diesel (four cars). Sounds good, twenty hybrids … But unfortunately, ministers do not opt ​​for a Toyota Yaris Hybrid. The twenty hybrids are of the Audi A8, BMW 7-series or Mercedes S-class, with a large fuel engine under the hood.

Electric cars are not practical due to range and charging time

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice have an armored car and they are simply not yet fully electric. According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, which manages the vehicle fleet, the official cars of ministers will be made more sustainable in the coming years. He also told Nu.nl that an electric car for ministers and secretaries of state is not practical for the time being, due to the limited range and long charging time.

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