What can I do with the Cmd key?


Use the Command key on the Apple keyboard to give various commands to the Mac.

Command is the English word for command, or giving an order. That’s exactly what you do with the Cmd key. In combination with one or more other keys on the keyboard, you give a command to the Mac. For example, selecting text, formatting text, or opening the search box. The combination of keys is called a hotkey. And the Cmd key plays a big role in many keyboard shortcuts.

Identify the key by the following character: ⌘

Learn how keyboard shortcuts work in the “Using keyboard shortcuts on Mac” article. And watch the handy video in which we show you how to operate keyboard shortcuts.

Known keyboard shortcuts with the Cmd key

Commonly used keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Cmd+S: save file in the meantime.
  • Cmd+A: Select all items.
  • Cmd+C: Copy selected item.
  • Cmd+X: Cut selected item.
  • Cmd+V: Paste selected item.
  • Cmd+Z: Undo action.

Shortcuts that you use often are at your fingertips. But a cheat sheet is always handy. SeniorWeb has made a handy list of keyboard shortcuts for the Mac. Download the PDF ‘Keyboard Shortcuts Apple Mac‘.

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