What is OneDrive?

What is OneDrive?OneDrive is the (free) online storage service from Microsoft. What can you do with this so-called cloud service?

OneDrive is a cloud service. OneDrive allows people to store files in the cloud to use them on different devices. Microsoft makes space available in a data center for this. Files are stored with Microsoft. You can access it via the internet.

OneDrive allows people to store, edit and share files online. You can also work on a document with someone else. The storage service can handle all kinds of files, such as text documents, spreadsheets, music and photos. The storage service can also be used as a backup resource.

The online version of OneDrive also provides access to free versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These are stripped-down versions of the paid packages, but the average user can handle the online options just fine.

OneDrive works on all devices with an internet connection and an internet browser. Users can always access their files via the Onedrive.com website. OneDrive is also standard on Windows 10 computers. But there is also a program for Mac computers, the iPhone, iPad and for Android devices. People can therefore easily exchange their files between the different devices. For example, if a document is placed in OneDrive on the Windows 10 PC, the user can then view and edit it via other linked devices, such as the smartphone.

Install OneDrive
OneDrive – Mac
OneDrive – iPad/iPhone
OneDrive – Android device

OneDrive users need a Microsoft account and internet connection. An account gives access to all free Internet services from Microsoft. Think of Outlook, Office, Photos and Skype. People can also log in to their Windows computer with their free Microsoft account.

OneDrive users get 5 GB of free storage by default. They can expand the storage space if they have a lot of photos, videos or other files. OneDrive notifies you when the storage space is almost full and users can also look up the available storage space themselves.

The following extensions are possible:

  • ‘OneDrive only’ with 100 GB for 2 euros per month;
  • ‘Office 365 Personal’ with 1 TB for 7 euros per month or 69 euros per year;
  • ‘Office 365 Family’ with 6 TB for six people (1 TB per person) for 10 euros per month or 99 euros per year.

These are the rates including VAT (prices 2021). With the Office 365 subscriptions, the user not only gets storage space for OneDrive, but also the Office apps for the computer. Office 365 Personal can be used by one person and Office 365 Family by six people, who all get 1 TB of storage and the Office apps.

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