WhatsApp brings back old status function after stream of criticism

WhatsApp is taking the transformation to Snapchat a step back. After a mountain of complaints, the most popular chat app in the world is bringing back the old WhatsApp text status.

WhatsApp text status returns

In a statement to Techcrunch let WhatsApp know that the old WhatsApp Status will return to Android this week and will ‘soon’ reappear in the iPhone app. This will return the text bar below your username, in which you can indicate your status in a few words. ‘In a meeting’ for example.

WhatsApp text status

You adjust this status via the settings of the app and you come across it when you open the contacts page. Even if you want to start a new chat, you will immediately see the status of the person you want to start the conversation with. “We heard from our users that they missed putting a permanent text status on their profile,” WhatsApp said. “However, we will continue to build on the Status feature to give users more ways to share photos and videos.”

WhatsApp Status and WhatsApp Status

In a few days, as a user, you will have the choice of two different status functions: a permanent text under your name and the Snapchat-like function in which you share your events. Users especially disagreed that the old status function had suddenly disappeared. WhatsApp seems to be creating a nice middle ground with this decision.

Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) does not hide the fact that they are interested in the users of Snapchat. For example, Facebook introduced Facebook Stories yesterday, a direct copy of Instagram Stories which in turn is copied from Snapchat Stories. Meanwhile, Snapchat has seen its users decline, although Instagram seems to be the main cause of this.

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