WhatsApp has released new emojis to use with your apps. These must, among other things, propose approval and a non-working internet link. Read this article to find out which other emojis are involved and when you can use them.

Bram Veldt

WhatsApp is still the most popular (chat) app for communicating with each other, such as sending messages and photos/videos. Snapchat is catching up and is especially popular among young people. Partly for this reason, WhatsApp regularly releases updates with all kinds of tips and tricks, but also, for example, new emojis that are often used in WhatsApp messages.

New emojis
The emojis were previously announced, but now they have been added to the app. There are six new emojis spread over different categories. Firstly, two new emojis have been added to the faces category.
This one nods or moves his head from top to bottom as a kind of approval:

Yes nodding emoji

while this emoji seems to shake no by shaking from left to right and this can therefore be disapproving:

no shake emoji

Only one has been added to the animal category and that is the mythical bird phoenix that rises from the ashes. You can use this to indicate when someone is blossoming again or is strong/better again.

Phoenix emoji

An emoji has also been added in three other categories: for example, a lime slice has been added for food:

Lime emoji

Furthermore, a kind of chain break emoji has been added to technology, which you can use, for example, if a (forwarded) internet link does not work:

continued break emoji

And finally, a brown mushroom emoji has been added to nature:

Mushroom emoji

You will soon be able to read more about new emojis on pcactive.nl