Why the HomePod mini is the best Apple speaker (+ giveaway)

The HomePod 2023 is a great smart speaker and makes your home something smarterUnfortunately, it is quite expensive. Fortunately, there’s the HomePod mini that’s just as smart, but much cheaper. And from Amac we can also give one away!

HomePod mini: Just as capable, better price

In January, Apple announced the HomePod 2023, its third smart speaker. The first generation was a flop, but now Apple hopes to revive the HomePod.

Why the HomePod mini is the best Apple speaker (+ giveaway)

As far as we are concerned, however, this has only been half done. For example, the HomePod 2023 still sounds very good, works seamlessly with other devices and now has two extra sensors to measure the temperature and humidity in the home. The latter is useful for smart-home automations, for example. But there is also one major drawback: the HomePod 2023 is quite expensive. You pay 349 euros for the smart speaker.

Fortunately, Apple offers an alternative: the HomePod mini. This smart speaker has been out a little longer and is the small version of the HomePod 2023. Despite its small size, it can do almost everything its big brother can do, but for a much lower price of € 104.95.

Clear tunes through your living room thanks to HomePod mini

You can listen to your music via the HomePod mini. Although the smart speaker is very compact, it produces a pretty good sound. Ideal for listening to music while cooking or if you have a few friends over.

The HomePod mini also has an extra nice function in music: handoff. By holding your iPhone that is playing music close to the smart speaker, the speaker takes over the music. You are now listening through the speaker. If you want to listen on your iPhone again, repeat the procedure.

homepod mini wifi problems

It is good to know that music streaming services such as Apple Music and Deezer work directly with the smart speaker, but unfortunately Spotify does not. Fortunately, that’s not to say the HomePod mini isn’t for you if you’re a Spotify subscriber. In that case, you use AirPlay via your iPhone or iPad to still send music from the service through the speaker.

Smart speaker for your smart home

However, listening to music is not all you get the HomePod mini for. The device also works together with all your smart lamps, thermostat or other smart products. You can easily set up automations so that the curtains close or the air conditioning switches on as soon as the temperature rises above a certain number of degrees.

The temperature and humidity sensor of the HomePod 2023 already had the HomePod mini, but these have only been active since the update to iOS 16.3. So even with your ‘older’ HomePod mini you can have automations performed based on temperature and humidity.

You operate the HomePod mini via the touch-sensitive screen at the top or simply with your voice via Siri. In that case, you tell the smart speaker exactly what to do and when to do it. If you have burning questions, such as the name of that song you’re listening to right now, the mini speaker will also be happy to answer it for you.

The HomePod mini is a smart and versatile speaker and is perfect for smaller spaces. It always matches your interior, because it is available in five colours: white, black, yellow, orange and blue. Do you want to experience all this yourself? Then visit an Amac store near you.

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The best HomePod mini deals

The HomePod mini is therefore very similar to its bigger brother and for a much lower price. Do you want to buy one now and experience it for yourself? Below in the price comparison you will find the current prices for this smart speaker, so that you always have the best deal.

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Win the HomePod mini

Curious about the HomePod mini? Good news, because we can give one away from Amac! Register quickly using the form below for a chance to win the black variant. You can participate through March 2.

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