With this app you can find all your Bluetooth devices (including the Apple Pencil)

Do you ever lose your stuff? Unfortunately, not all Bluetooth devices are equipped with the Find My function, but with this app you can quickly find all lost items!

Find Bluetooth devices easily

The Find My feature has become almost indispensable for many people. This way you always know where your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch is, provided you have enabled the function and the location of the device is shared in the Find My app. Unfortunately, not every Apple device has this handy feature.

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One of those devices is the Apple Pencil. Both the first and second generation Apple Pencil do not have the ability to share the location in Find My, so the search for the pen can sometimes take a long time. Fortunately, there is a handy app that allows you to quickly find the Apple Pencil and all other Bluetooth devices.

locate bluetooth devices

Find your devices with nRF Connect for Mobile

With nRF Connect for Mobile you can see which Bluetooth devices are in your area. Even more important: you see when you are near that device and when you are not. The app is free to install from the App Store and costs nothing to use. Download nRF Connect for Mobile here:

Once you have installed the application, you will see under ‘Scanner’ which Bluetooth devices are in your area. The list of all devices may be very long, but you can select your devices under ‘RSSI Graph’ by tapping on them. It is useful if you have given the device a recognizable name. This way you get a little more overview in the very long list of Bluetooth devices.

To check whether the device you are looking for is nearby, you have to look at the amount of dBm at the device. This represents the signal strength of the device. For this, the stronger the signal, the closer you are to the Bluetooth device.

Note: the app indicates the dBm with a negative number. The closer the number gets to 0, the closer you are to the device. This way you can find your Apple Pencil, your wireless speaker or another Bluetooth device just a little faster.

locate bluetooth devices

Even more convenient: link Apple AirTags to your device

With the app you get a little more idea of ​​where your Bluetooth device is located. The disadvantage of this app is that the devices must be turned on to be found. A wireless speaker or the Apple Pencil often turns off automatically after a while, so that the Bluetooth signal is no longer transmitted.

Did you just hold the device and have you lost it now? Then start searching immediately, because after a while the device can no longer be found with the nRF Connect app.

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A simple solution to this problem is to link an AirTag to the device. This will be less easy with an Apple Pencil than with a wireless speaker, for example, but with an AirTag you can always see the location in the Find My app. The tracker can also play a sound, so that you can find the Bluetooth device again in no time.

You can also easily hide an AirTag in your wallet or hang it on your keys. Do you want to see at a glance where you can buy the AirTag, and at what prices? Check it out in our AirTag price comparison or check the best deals for the AirTag here:

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