Your own stickers or avatars are becoming increasingly popular. You can also make and use them in Whatsapp and in this workshop you can read how to do that.

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Rob Coenraads

The Avastars program is not yet a success at the time of writing this article. Avatars or personalized stickers are: you come across them more and more. With your own avatars aka personalized stickers you can show how you feel and you can use one for your profile picture. Read in this workshop how to create and use your own avatar in Whatsapp.

Avatar in Whatsapp Settings 2

1. Settings

Open the WhatsApp app on your phone or tablet, click on the three dots at the top right of your main screen. Then click on Institutions and choose the option avatar. Then click on Create your avatar and finally on To work.

4. Lots of options

Now move on to the many subsequent options by choosing an option to the right of the selected option each time. This is how you choose one first Outfits and Body, after which you get to work with your face. This is where you decide Eye shape, Eye colorr and whether or not you Eye makeupwant up. Next are you Eyebrows turn and also its color. With this option there are even Bindi’s (dot on your forehead) available. Next is you Nose turn (and possibly Nose piercings), you Mouth where you can choose one Form and the Fullness (Thin or Full). After that you face shape next, among other things Face markings like freckles.

Avatar in Whatsapp Eye shape 2

5. Almost done

Well, a lot has been thought of, even Hearing aids but also on Headgear. You can even digitally pierce some parts if you want. When you have made all those choices, click Finished. And you almost are. But not quite yet!

Avatar in Whatsapp Hearing aids 2

8. Profile picture

And of course you can also set your avatar as a profile picture. All you have to do is choose a pose and a background, click the check mark at the top and wait for your avatar to load.

Avatar in Whatsapp Profile picture 2

Avatar in Whatsapp Skin Tone 2
2. Create your basic avatar

To create your avatar, you start with your so-called basic avatar. Choose a skin color for this. As with the following steps, you can stay close to reality or choose something completely different for once. After this, the basic avatar appears and you can really get started.

Avatar in Whatsapp Hair Style 23. Personalize

You can now enjoy yourself with all the options. You can see that the screen is logically arranged: at the top how you will look, in the middle the options and at the bottom the examples of the options. You can choose from many examples by scrolling down scroll. I find it less logical that there is at the top right Finished condition: at first I thought I should choose this one if I chose an option. But by clicking on this, you determine that you have completed your avatar and, of course, you are not there yet in the beginning.
You start with you first Hair style and Hair colour. Make sure you join Hair style choose hair if you want to create an avatar with her and to choose a hair color.

mirror 2

6. Wrap up

Avatar in Whatsapp sticker details 2You then get to see your avatar a bit more in close-up, along with some options. You can enter Browse stickers view the stickers that WhatsApp has created with your avatar that you can use in chats.
Let’s jump to the button for a second More information and of course that speaks for itself.
Don’t want to delete, but just want to change something? Then click on the pen and you can change all options in the design of your avatar.
You can through Delete avatar By the way, just remove the result of your work if you don’t like it and then you will also lose the stickers.

7. Stickers with message

STICKERSIf you want to send one of your created and therefore personal stickers in a Whatsapp message, first click in the text box (in which Message stands) on the smiley/emoji on the left. After choosing the symbol smiley 3a number of stickers will appear at the bottom that you can send if you want to send a Whatsapp.
You can choose from different themes: such as Love, Happy, Sad and Lifestyle. You can also put frequently used stickers in your Favorites stop, shown with a star.