‘World Backup Day’ reminds us of the importance of backup


Although the setup looks playful, the message of World Backup Day is dead serious: make regular backups. It is a small effort and it prevents misery.

March 31st is the day you should not forget. At least if it’s up to the people behind ‘World Backup Day’. By declaring March 31 as World Backup Day, they underline the importance of backups. It is a bit bland: people can take an oath and swear to back them up on March 31st. But the organization is of course absolutely right. Suppose the computer crashes, is stolen, your house burns down or a virus makes all files unreadable. Without backups, those precious photos and files are irretrievably gone.

Of course you don’t have to be convinced: you regularly back up your precious files! However? Otherwise, Bernhard Steenwijk’s story will certainly convince you. In the video below, he says that due to a crash, he saw all his important files go up in smoke.

There are several articles on our site about making backups. We already give the following tips:

  • Windows 10: Back Up
  • Back up with Time Machine (Mac)
  • Backup on Android devices
  • Backup iPad/iPhone

You don’t have to take an oath from us. But make sure that what is dear to you is also secured. Make a backup. Not just on March 31, but always.

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