Yet again new rules in the App Store: this is what it means for Spotify

Apple has again introduced changes to the App Store, which mainly affect music services such as Spotify. This is changing!

Apple introduces new rules

Changes are coming again in the App Store, because Apple is adjusting the rules for music services such as Spotify. With iOS 17.4 it already became possible to app stores third-party software so you no longer need Apple’s App Store to download apps. This is the result of new European legislation, which should limit Apple’s power to give competition a fairer chance.

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In addition, the NFC chip has been opened to third parties and browsers no longer have to run on Apple’s WebKit. Major changes, but the European Commission was not yet satisfied. That is why Apple has now adjusted the rules of the App Store again, which Spotify in particular is very pleased with. Music services can now finally refer to external websites, for example to offer cheaper subscriptions.

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This is changing in the App Store

According to the European Commission, competitors in the App Store did not have a fair chance against Apple Music. Apple has been fined for this and the rules in the App Store are being adjusted again. While it was previously not possible for music services such as Spotify to refer to external websites, this is now possible. This way, Spotify can finally point users to cheaper subscriptions that you don’t see in the App Store.

The new rules are therefore also beneficial for users of music services, because they are often unaware of cheaper options outside the App Store. Now services such as Spotify are allowed to refer to this, which may save you money. However, Apple has already indicated that a 27 percent commission also applies to purchases on web pages, provided the purchase is made within seven days of clicking on the link.

Games get more freedom from Apple in the App Store

The question remains whether the new rules will actually lead to a cheaper subscription. Spotify will undoubtedly challenge this decision in the App Store again with the European Commission. This is not the only change that Apple is making in the App Store, because games are also getting more freedom. It will soon finally be possible to use an emulator in apps.

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Emulators are basically counterfeit gaming consoles that you can use on your iPhone or iPad. This way you can play a game via the digital buttons of your old Nintendo. Apple did not allow this before, but that has now changed. Playing retro games becomes a little more fun and nostalgic. Moreover, control is often easier with these digital emulators.

emulator iPhone

More changes in iOS 17.5

Music services such as Spotify and games immediately have more freedom in the App Store. Behind the scenes, Apple is working on iOS 17.5, the first test version of which has now been released. Major changes are coming to your iPhone again with the next iOS version. It will then be possible for the first time to download apps from the internet, without having to do so app store Need.

We still have to wait a while for iOS 17.5, because the update will probably not be released until the end of May. To comply with the European Commission, Apple has now adjusted the new rules in the App Store for Spotify, for example. Do you want to know what new features are coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.5? Then read all about the next major iOS update here!

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