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Formatting your text consistently in Microsoft Word can be time-consuming. You can of course work with templates, but even then it often happens that you accidentally change a style. And sometimes you want to know exactly how a certain text is designed. To view and adjust the details of the text layout, you can consult the Show layout panel.

Step 1: Shift + F1 or deep digging

Open the Microsoft Word document for which you want to view the text format in detail. Your text probably consists of a title, an introduction, a few headings and then several paragraphs with basic text. These different parts probably have a different layout. Checking the layout performs your best item after item. So, for example, select the title and then open the panel Show formatting. The fastest way to see this panel is the Shift + F1 key combination. That saves a lot of clicks. If you remember poor shortcuts, you will also have difficulty remembering the way through the menus to this panel. Click on the tab Start in the group Styles on the small arrow in the right corner. This opens the panel Styles. At the bottom of this window you will see four buttons. Click on the second one, the one with the A sign and the magnifying glass. This opens the panel Style check. And there you click on the button with the A sign and the magnifying glass again. Tatataa, there is finally the panel Show formatting. Brrr, rather: Shift + F1.

Show formatting
If you plow through the menus and button long enough, you will eventually find the Display Format function.

Step 2: Details

This panel lists all the details of the layout of the selected text. The details of the font and the selected language are at the top. Below that you can read the formatting applied to the paragraph. This includes how the text is aligned, the values ​​for the indentation, the line spacing and any other attributes. Finally you read the data of the section such as the margins, the paper size and the layout.

Step 3: Interactive

The panel Show formatting is interactive. That means that when you click on one of the properties, Word will automatically open the right panel to adjust that facet of the layout. For example, click FONT STYLE then Word will open the panel Font style to open. That way you can still correct the layout.

Show formatting
The Paragraph panel appears because we have clicked on this item in the Show Layout panel.

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