You can easily arrange your tax return with the Declaration 2018 app

It’s that time of year again to file your tax return. As in previous years, you can easily do your income tax on your iPhone or iPad with the official app.

File your tax return on your iPhone

After starting the app, you go through a step-by-step plan, where you start by entering your DigiD data. By setting a PIN, you prevent someone else from easily accessing it. For each step, you check the data that the Tax and Customs Administration has already filled in for you, after which you officially submit the declaration in the last step.

Checking every step is important, because even though the Tax and Customs Administration fills in as much as possible for you, things may not be correct. If you didn’t have to adjust anything last year and were able to send your tax return in one go, there’s a good chance that you will again this year.

Declaration 2018 app

In that case you can just use the app. It is not possible to change or supplement data via the app. For this you will have to crawl behind your PC or Mac. The app is therefore mainly intended to quickly complete your declaration, if you usually do not have any changes to report every year.

As of today, everyone in the Netherlands can again send their tax return for 2018 to the tax authorities. The government agency’s website only supports a limited number of users at a time. As a result, you can run into crowds in the first few weeks of the declaration, even if you use the app. It is often quieter around noon or late at night.

There are a number of situations in which you are not allowed to use the app for your tax return. Have you changed tax partners, have you bought or sold a home or do you have a residual debt for an owner-occupied home? Then you have to file the declaration online, outside the app. Even if you have a business, have earned money with other activities or have lived abroad, you should also use the online declaration. The same applies if you have rented out your home through Airbnb, for example.

Download 2018 declaration

Declaration 2018 can be downloaded for free from the App Store via the link below. To use the app you need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.0 or newer.

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