You can take a screenshot of videos with ImageGrab

Extracting a specific image from a video can be quite tricky at times. But ImageGrab makes it easy to extract images from videos based on your own parameters, and if you want, you can even capture a whole series of photos at self-set intervals. ImageGrab makes it easy to take a screenshot of videos.

Step 1: Capture image

The program ImageGrab is free for non-commercial use. You can also run ImageGrab as a portable version from a USB stick, but then you have to check that option in the settings (accessible via F10 or by clicking the third button from the top right). ImageGrab’s principle is simple. You open a video file with the first button, navigate to the correct image with the playback buttons and then click the fourth button from the top left, Grab a picture, or you press F5.

Navigate to the correct image and press F5.

Step 2: Bmp or jpg

You will notice that ImageGrab initially writes the image in the bmp format. Although this yields high-quality, but very bulky files. In the left column you will see the thumbnail and file name of the image and at the bottom you can read that you have these images in the library Pictures can be found. Via the menu Frame / Settings of Picture you can change the folder where the images end up. If you save the file as jpg, you can manually set the quality of the image at the bottom of the window. The higher the value, the lower the compression. This will improve the quality, but the image size will increase. By default, the first image will be named “ImageGrab_001” to continue counting. You can also adjust this in the course Use the following Root. If everything is set correctly, return to the default view via Frame / Thumbnail or by using F2.

When you save the images in the jpeg format, you can set the quality yourself.

Step 3: Intervalometer

The button with the alarm clock brings you to the intervalometer. This allows you to systematically extract images according to a certain number of frames. For example, if you set the interval to twelve frames, the program first shows how many images this yields, after which you can switch on the intervalometer. The tool will then extract an image from the video every twelve frames. In the extracted video frames you can also add a counter, time stamp or number. In addition, it is possible to force a different aspect ratio.

If we set an interval of twelve frames, this yields thirty images in this case.

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