YouTube without advertising: this is how YouTube Vanced works

YouTube Vanced

Google’s own YouTube app is full of annoyances. For example, you can’t watch YouTube without advertising or use the mini player in the background unless you subscribe. The app is also full of things you should not disable, such as self-playing stories and (often dubious) video recommendations. Fortunately, there is YouTube Vanced. An Android app that makes the YouTube app better.

Many annoyances that you encounter as a YouTube viewer in the app stem from Google’s revenue model, which continuously tries to tempt you to look further and grab your attention. After all, your attention is needed to serve ads – and to collect more data to make your ads even more targeted.

To do this, Google uses auto-playing videos, questionable recommendations, and an ever-growing stream of ads. As a user, you actually have very little control over how the YouTube app works. The algorithms do that for you.

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced does give you control, but in doing so violates the conditions that Google sets for YouTube apps from other developers. Therefore, unfortunately you cannot get the app from the Play Store and it remains a cat-and-mouse game between Google and the app developers to keep the app working properly. Despite this, YouTube Vanced offers a much better YouTube experience, making it worth installing the Android app.

The YouTube Vanced app is only available for Android. Because iPhone and iPad users are not allowed to install apps outside of the App Store, it is impossible to release an app for Apple mobile devices without Google having it removed from the App Store.

Youtube without advertising and other Google annoyances: Vanced

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced’s app interface is almost identical to YouTube’s original Android app. But with subtle differences, which are especially noticeable when you take the settings menu. At the bottom of the settings list you suddenly have Vanced settings where you can tinker nicely. Especially with Advertising settings you can get rid of all the annoying ads and buttons. Even sponsored talk in the video can be removed.

Also with Layout you can remove many annoying things. For example the Stories on the home screen and with Swipe Control you can quickly adjust the brightness or volume. It is also nice that you get a mini player in the picture when you leave the YouTube Vanced app. This way you can continue to follow the video while, for example, you answer an app on your smartphone. Google normally withholds this feature from paying users.

YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced

Installation YouTube Vanced

For the installation of YouTube Vanced, it is therefore necessary to be careful because you install the app outside the Play Store. Be aware that this installation method is not the safest. Malware makers also use this installation method to get rogue apps on Android devices as it allows them to evade the Play Store security check.

It is therefore very important to install YouTube Vanced from the correct source. Fortunately, Android has built-in security measures so you don’t carelessly install apps from other sources.

To install apps outside of the Play Store, your browser app must be authorized to do so. You can grant this permission (among other things) when you download an APK file with your browser. Such an APK file is basically an app installation file, broadly similar to an .exe file in Windows. YouTube Vanced needs two apps to work: Vanced Manager (which controls the background processes) and YouTube Vanced itself. We start with the Vanced Manager.

Navigate with your Android browser to and click the big blue download button for Vanced Manager, which will download the APK file. Install the app and open the Vanced Manager. The app first asks if you have root access. Don’t worry, it works without it too. You install MicroG via the Vanced Manager, which ensures that YouTube Vanced can do its job afterwards. It also clears the way for YouTube Music Vanced; an updated version of YouTube Music without Google annoyances.

After installing MicroG, you can use the Vanced Manager to download and install YouTube Vanced. The app looks and works as you are used to from the YouTube app. You can even sign in with your Google account.

YouTube Vanced

Vanced vs. google

If you have linked a Google account with a YouTube channel or other important things, it might be better not to log in or create another account for it. YouTube Vanced is pleasant for the user, but not the way Google envisions it.

It is therefore also possible that a function suddenly no longer works, such as the Cast function that suddenly stopped working. It remains a cat-and-mouse game, so check the Vanced Manager every now and then to see if you can update YouTube Vanced, so that everything works as you are used to.


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