5 years of Hondacustoms: 16 customs on Wheels and Waves

2024 marks five years of www.hondacustoms.com, with a record 16 bikes from nine different European countries competing for the top prize online at hondacustoms.com and in real life at the Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz.

In 2020, the ‘Africa Four CRF1000R’ version of the CB1000R from Swiss Honda dealer Brivemo Motos was crowned the inaugural www.hondacustoms.com winner. In 2021, Mototrafa’s CB650R Fenix ​​won for Portugal. In 2022 it was modified CMX500 Rebels, with the Maanboard from Sardinia-based tuning company Motocicli Audaci taking the honors.

Minibikes took center stage last year and the winner, the post-apocalyptic Dax Furisoa – a collaboration between young artist Tamara Alves (@tamara_alves) and Art of Wheels Garage (@artonwheelsgarage) – brought victory back to Portugal.

The customization competition has become an annual event – both in real life and online – that is becoming increasingly popular as imaginations run wild. Hondacustoms.com received more than 21,000 voting visitors for its range of Honda minibikes in summer 2023, an increase of 41% compared to the previous year.

2024 builds on this success and this time it’s the turn of the CL500, a scrambler-style bike with a punchy, A2-compliant twin-cylinder engine. Of all the models of the 500 platform, without a doubt the most suitable for customization. This has now resulted in 16 custom-built motorcycles from 9 countries, which are based on iconic themes and colors from Honda’s illustrious past.

The bikes come from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, with a first entrant from Turkey, where the 250cc version of the CL is sold. The custom builders have made good use of the wide range of Honda genuine accessories for the CL500.

All 16 bikes can be seen live at the annual Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz from Wednesday 12 to Sunday 16 June 2024, and online all summer at hondacustoms.com, where visitors can vote for their favorite customization and download wallpapers for their phone or desktop. Hondacustoms.com will again be available in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, and the winners will be announced at the end of the summer.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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