Apple is working on a monitor with a smart home function

Apple comes with a new screen with a very special function. This Apple monitor has a cool smart home function.

Apple monitor with smart home function

Mark Gurman says in his most recent newsletter that Apple is currently working on a new monitor. And this screen is going to have a very special function. The monitor will have a kind of smart-home function.

Apple Studio Display Webcam

But how do you use the smart home functions of this monitor? According to the Apple expert, you will see them when you are not using the screen. For example, you can use the monitor in a kind of standby mode and read the time and temperature, for example. This Apple monitor with smart home functions therefore seems to be a successor to the Apple Studio Display or the Pro Display XDR.

The iPhone as a smart home hub

We have probably already secretly received a taste of this technique that will appear on the screen. Because in iOS 17 your iPhone also gets a kind of smart home function. This is the new standby mode, with which you can show the clock, calendar and widgets, among other things, if you have locked the iPhone.

Standby is especially useful when you use the iPhone as an alarm clock on your bedside table or as a diary on your desk. To enable Standby mode, your iPhone must be connected to the charger.

apple iphone smart home

Install iOS 17: This is how you get the smart home function on iPhone now

Would you like to try out the new Standby function on your own iPhone? Which can! Then you have to install the beta version of iOS 17. Below you can read step-by-step.

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