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Applying for a state pension with DigiD is easy on the website of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank. Read how to apply for AOW online.

Four months before your state pension age, you will receive a letter from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). We can apply for AOW by post or online. The advantage of using the internet is that it shows directly on the screen which data is already known to the SVB. The applicant easily changes the incorrect data himself. The applicant does need a DigiD for this. The letter will be sent by post or can be found in the MijnOverheid Message Box. Have you not received any mail three months before your state pension age? Please contact us with the organization.

  • Open the site
  • Click under the heading ‘Our arrangements’ on state pension.
  • Click under ‘You do not have an AOW’ on How do you apply for AOW?

A page opens. Here you can watch a video about applying for AOW online. Click on the triangle in the video image if you want to watch the video.

  • To proceed to the application, click on the link at the top Apply for state pension via My SVB.
  • click on Login with DigiD.
  • A new window will open.
  • click on With username and password.
  • Enter your DigiD username and password here.
  • click on login.

You will now be taken directly to the ‘AOW pension application’ web form on My SVB, your personal information page at the SVB. You can immediately apply for AOW.

  • The SVB has already filled in the information that is known about you. This is information about your marital status and your partner, if any. Check this information and correct it if necessary.
  • click on Further.

Living abroad
AOW applicants who have lived abroad for a period of time will receive less AOW. The SVB already fills in the known periods spent abroad. Missing periods must be added by the applicant. A number of questions follow about working in the Netherlands during the stay abroad and about working in or receiving benefits from abroad.

Payment details
The biggest chore is now over. In the next screen, enter the account number on which you want to receive your AOW.

A supporting document is required for some information. For example, if you have worked abroad for a period of time. The SVB will then ask you for this in the application. Add the supporting document as an image or as a PDF file. Uploading later via My SVB is possible. Sending by post is also possible.

Before you definitively send the application, you will receive an overview of all the information you have entered. Please check this information.

  • click on Modify to make corrections.
  • Is everything right? Then indicate with a check that you have completed everything truthfully.
  • finally click Send.

The AOW application is sent. A screen with a receipt will open. This states, among other things, that the SVB will process the application within three weeks. You can print the application here or save it as a PDF on your computer. When you return to ‘My SVB home’, you will see under the heading ‘Correspondence’ that your application has been processed by the SVB. When the SVB has completed your application, the status will change to ‘Processed’.

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