Avira: free program against viruses

Avira Free is a free antivirus program for Windows computers. In this article you can read how to use the program.

Avira is a Dutch program for Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10. With the instructions in this article you can get started with it. SeniorWeb also offers AVG Free, Avast! and Microsoft Security Essentials. You will also find these programs in the Safety section. The article ‘Choice aid free virus scanners’ will help you choose the program that suits you.

You can download Avira from the Software article on our website. It explains step by step how to install the program on your computer. We would like to point out that it is not recommended to use two different antivirus programs at the same time. You can read more about this in the tip ‘One antivirus program is enough’.

If you have just installed Avira, the program will immediately start with the first scan. The files are updated and made current, and then your computer is scanned for viruses. You can see the progress in the extra window. When the scan has been performed, you will see the scan results in a new overview window. You can close this overview window. Avira will then run in the background on your computer.

Avira now protects your computer and performs periodic scans. You don’t need to do anything. Since it is a free program, every now and then the creator will surprise you with a window with an offer. To try the paid version for free (trial for 30 days) or to upgrade to the paid version. You should ignore those notifications, because the free version is sufficient. You can close them with the button Close/Close .

To open Avira’s main menu, double-click the small red icon in the System Tray, next to the Windows clock. Don’t see a red picture? First click on the small white triangle to the left of the clock to show all icons.

In the overview window you can see all the possibilities of the program. You will see the message that your PC is protected (with the green check mark). Below you can install additional things, such as ‘Software Updater’. Are you unsure about one of the extra applications? Click on the relevant application for additional information.

click on Antivirus to see the different functions of the virus scanner. You can use the sliders to disable things here, such as Realtime Protection (live protection all day and night). But that is not recommended.

By default, Avira is set to check your computer every week. That’s a great setting. If your computer is not turned on at that moment, the scan will start when you are active on the computer again. You can find the weekly scan at Antivirus > Scan > planr.
Scheduled scans

You do not need to change anything in the program. It independently fetches the latest updates from the Internet.

When you are done with the overview window, click the white cross in the red box in the top right corner (or the black cross, depending on your version of Windows) to close the window. Avira then runs in the background.

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