Email large video via Dropbox, Gmail or Outlook

Of course it is possible to send a video file by e-mail. However, those files are often very large and most email providers have a certain limit for attachments. If you want to email a large video, you can take a detour.

Via Dropbox

Each provider has a different limit for file attachments. If you go beyond that, you can’t add the video to the mail, but you have to use a cloud storage provider to upload the video file there first. Then add the link of the video so that the recipient can view and download the video.

If you work with Dropbox, you can place the link to the shared file in your email. To do this, open Dropbox on the web, select the file and click the button Parts† In the pop-up window, click the button Create and copy link† Then paste that link in the email.

Have Dropbox create a download link.

Via Gmail

When you use Gmail, you go to the Gmail site over the web. Login to your Google account or create a free new account if you don’t already have an account. Once logged in, click the button with the plus sign in the top left corner: draw up† Because the file is larger than 25 MB you use in the window New message the icon Insert files with Google Drive† That’s the triangular icon. Then go to the tab upload† Drag the video file into the upload box or use the button to select the files.

Gmail puts the selected video in the cloud first. After that, Gmail will take you back to the window New message and it itself adds the video link to the message. The recipient can click the link to open the video on Google Drive. You’ll need enough space, though, so learn how to free up Drive storage space if you need to.

Gmail indicates in red that it will create a Drive link because the file is too large.

Via Outlook

In Outlook it works on the same principle. Open Outlook on the web or open the Outlook app and start a new message. Press the button Attachments† When the video is larger than the limit (34 MB) choose under Attachments the option Upload and share† Then select the video and upload from Outlook to OneDrive. Outlook will add the OneDrive link to your email itself. Then fill in the rest of the fields and click Send

In Outlook, use the Upload and Share button.

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