How to change photo dimensions in Chrome

You no longer need to install an additional application to change photo dimensions. If you provide Chrome with the Resizing extension, the browser not only allows you to adjust the dimensions, you can even change the composition by cropping the image in an interesting way.

Step 1: New line

Resizing is an extension for Chrome. To install it, go to and click the green button Add to Chrome for free. This will take you to the Chrome Web Store where you can add this extension to your browser. You will then see a new button to the right of the address bar. It is a black square button with the white letter R. When you click on it, a box with a plus button and the text appears Click here to upload your image. Either browse to the photo you want to resize, or simply drag the photo to this box.

Clicking the R button at the top right will open the upload box.

Step 2: Width and height

At first the program will ask you to resize based on the width (by Width). You read how many pixels the original image consists of and you change the number of pixels. We are usually talking about resizing photos, but it is also possible to enlarge photos by entering a higher number of pixels. If you overdo it, it will of course be at the expense of quality. Instead of the width, you can also use other elements as a measure such as the height (by Height), the longest side (by Largest Side) or by percentage (by Percentage).

With these settings we enlarge the photo to 148%.

Step 3: Cutting out

In the top left corner of this panel you will also find the familiar crop tool; the crop tool. Drag over the image to indicate exactly what you want to crop. As you do that, you read new pixel dimensions. Interesting is the slider Optimize which allows you to keep the file size of images under control while still not reducing the visible quality. Moreover, you don’t have to keep the image in the same format. You can save the image to the jpg, png, bmp, tiff or WebP format.

The extension respects your privacy. The processing is done entirely in the browser, so no images are sent to a server.

Drag the vertices to define the crop.

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