Insert text boxes in Word

Instead of just starting typing in the top-left corner, Word lets you insert several text boxes. That gives more options in the layout. Just like in brochures, newspapers or magazines, you can ensure that the text automatically flows from one text box to another. For this you have to link the text boxes together.

Place text boxes

Start from a pre-formatted text box or insert your own text box within Word in the tab Insert on the drop-down button text box to click. Select the option Create text box and draw the first text box. In this you start typing until this box is full. Then follow the same steps to add the second text box.

If you’re using a sample text box or a copy of the first text box, you’ll need to delete the text that’s in it first. A requirement to link text boxes is that the second text box must be empty. So select all the text that is in the pre-formatted text box B and press delete

The second text box must be empty.

To link

Then click on the first text box, so that it becomes active. This will bring up a new tab: Form division† In the group Text click the button To link† This changes the mouse pointer to a pouring pitcher icon. Click with this pouring jug in the second text box; in this way a link is created between the two text boxes.

Now when you type text in the first text box that becomes too long for this box, it will automatically flow into the second box. You can continue adding text boxes and also link a third, fourth and so on.

The cursor changes to a watering can.

Adjust or break

When you resize a text box by dragging on a corner or edge, the text will resize within the linked text boxes. You can apply different formatting in each text box, but keep in mind that if you change the size of the text, the content in the linked boxes will usually be distributed differently.

If you want to unlink the text boxes later, you have to select the first text box and then click in the tab shape format on Disconnect† This will cause all the text that was in the second box to appear completely in the first text box.

You can also unlink text boxes in the Shape Format tab.

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