iPhone 17 Slim may be the biggest update since iPhone X

The iPhone 17 Slim will be an extremely thin iPhone with incredible specifications. That’s not all, because the iPhone 17 Slim will probably be the biggest update since the iPhone X!

iPhone 17 Slim will be the biggest update since iPhone X

The iPhone X was a milestone for Apple. The device looked revolutionary and had a full-screen design, Face ID, wireless charging and more. The iPhone X was a real step forward after several years of minimal updates. The iPhone 17 Slim with an extremely thin design may also be another step forward.

Not everyone will need a thinner iPhone. But if Apple can deliver the same battery life, an ultra-thin iPhone 17 Slim could herald a new era in iPhone design. According to the rumor, the device would be more expensive than the Pro Max model, so perhaps the iPhone 17 Slim will turn out to be the iPhone Ultra that has been rumored for some time.

m4 ipad pro

Thinner and lighter is not always better, but the M4 iPad Pro shows that it can be so. The new tablet is currently Apple’s thinnest device ever.

An improved camera system

We expect the entire iPhone 17 series to get a much improved front camera, with 24MP instead of 12MP. Little is known about the rear camera system, other than that The Information mentions a major design change: the cameras could be moved from the top left corner to the top center.

If this camera move turns out to be true, it’s likely there’s a reason for it. We therefore suspect that the iPhone 17 Slim will have a significantly improved camera system that will not be available on the other iPhone 17 models.

time to replace iPhone

Update in the software

When Apple launched the iPhone X, a large part of the update was in the software. That was also the case when the Apple Watch Ultra came onto the market and custom watch faces and a night mode became possible. This will probably be no different with the iPhone 17 Slim. We’re expecting some new iOS feature exclusive to the Slim (or Ultra?).

Perhaps that feature has to do with the unique screen size, which is expected to differ from the other iPhone 17 models. Or perhaps the Slim model comes with a special chip that enables something new. In any case, software is one way Apple can differentiate its product from the rest.

We’ve become accustomed to the Pro models of the iPhone being the best of the best. But Apple has already shown with other products that there is room for an Ultra version, so that will be no different with an iPhone Slim version (or perhaps also an Ultra version). It’s been seven years since the iPhone X was released, so the iPhone is ready for a big step forward.

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