Kawasaki announces Brute Force 450

For 2025, the popular Kawasaki ATV range is being boosted with the launch of the new Brute Force 450. The new Brute Force 450 offers the equipment, performance and modern, stylish looks that customers expect from a mid-size ATV, while Kawasaki’s almost proverbial build quality guarantees optimal durability.

According to Kawasaki, the 2025 Brute Force 450 has a lot of attention to detail, such as a comfort seat and a 3D emblem, which should have enhanced the striking looks of the front end. To keep the rider informed, the Brute Force 450 has a multi-function LCD display, which displays the speedometer, tachometer, gear indicator, fuel gauge, clock, odometer, hour meter, trip meter, differential lock indicator/ 4WD and some other indicator lights.

Also special is the LED lighting mounted on the handlebars. The high placement of the lamp increases the field of view, while the light always shines in the chosen direction of travel. Furthermore, the spacious luggage carriers should not go unmentioned: the front one can carry 34 kg, while the rear one has a loading capacity of no less than 68 kg. A 2-inch tow bar is standard and offers a towing capacity of 1,000 lbs. The front bumper has room for an optional winch with a capacity of up to 1,134 kg.

Power is provided by a liquid-cooled 443cc engine with fuel injection, delivering class-leading performance with 33.4 hp. According to Kawasaki. A CVT transmission ensures that this power is transferred smoothly to the propeller shaft. The air intake is mounted high on the chassis, allowing the Brute Force 450 to handle an impressive wading depth.

With the electrically selectable 2WD/4WD you can easily choose between 2WD for optimal maneuverability on light terrain, or 4WD for optimal traction in more difficult terrain conditions. A differential lock can take this traction to an even higher level.

The Kawasaki Brute Force 450 is equipped with a state-of-the-art chassis that is perfectly tailored to heavy daily work and that also performs excellently during recreational use. The basis is a robust double cradle frame with gusset plates, whose rigidity balance guarantees superior off-road handling.

This is linked to an independent wheel suspension with progressive springs. The A-arms and steering knuckles are computer designed both front and rear for optimal durability, reliability and good driving characteristics. The large track width (front: 910 mm, rear: 869 mm) provides stability, while the tuning of track and camber ensures pleasant maneuverability. For reliable deceleration, the Kawasaki Brute Force 450 is equipped with two 202 mm front brake discs and a single rear brake disc. The braking system is designed for a progressive build-up of braking force, for precise control.

The new Brute Force 450 is the result of Kawasaki’s years of expertise as an innovator in the ATV sector. The Brute Force 450 therefore perfectly meets the needs of a broad audience: it offers an ideal balance between physical dimensions, performance and standard equipment. The Kawasaki Brute Force 450 will be available at official Kawasaki ATV dealers from mid-October. And prices will be announced later.

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