Making short films with Kapwing

Many computer users think of video editing as a viscous software package. That is unjustified, because with the Kapwing you can edit short films directly in your browser. You string several clips together, add nice effects and save the result on your computer. High time to get to know this promising video editor better!

You do not immediately need a heavy image editor for video montages. Kapwing works entirely from the cloud. You use this user-friendly web service from your favorite browser. In contrast to heavily loaded editing programs, you hardly experience any waiting times. Make sure that the raw video material is already saved on the PC or laptop.

Kapwing account

Kapwing also works without an account, but it is preferable to create one. Your film will then not get an ugly watermark. Another advantage is that the Kapwing stores your video project on an online server. In that case, it does not matter which computer you use, because you can work on the assembly anywhere.

surf to and click on the top right Sign in to log in. This is only possible with a Google or Facebook account. Once you have completed the registration, you will enter your personal workspace. click on New content, after which the video editor will appear.

The English language user environment of Kapwing, unlike other free cloud services, does not contain any advertising.

Free use

Kapwing is free, but there are some restrictions. For example, this cloud service is only suitable for videos of a maximum of seven minutes. Furthermore, there is an upload limit of 250 MB per file and you are not allowed to produce more than three hours of video material per month. Finally, your video projects will remain on the Kapwing server for two days. You can buy off the restrictions, but unfortunately the makers ask a lot of money for that. A Pro subscription costs seventeen dollars per month. Fortunately, the free version is fine for most people.

Add video clips

Kapwing supports almost all common video formats, such as mp4, mov, avi and 3gp. click on Click to upload and double click on the video file you want to use in the explorer. After a few moments, an image will appear in the main window. It is useful to know that with this action the image material also automatically ends up on the Kapwing server. Use the option Add Media to add more video clips to the editing window. By the way, you can also drag videos to the main window from Windows Explorer.

The files together form the rough basis for the final film. Determine the order via the timeline at the bottom. It is useful to reduce the scale of this timeline. To do this, click a few times on the magnifying glass with the minus sign. Alternatively, you can also click Fit to Screen click.

First determine where you want to add a video clip on the basis of the timeline. Click on this place now. Then hover the mouse pointer over the relevant video clip and click on the plus sign. In this way you fill the timeline at your own discretion. Incidentally, you can easily drag the fragments within the timeline to another place. Made a mistake and want to delete a clip? Right click on it and choose delete.

The timeline forms the basis for the final film.

Shorten and split

Of course, you prefer to delete boring fragments from the final film. No problem, because you can trim any video clip. Move the mouse pointer over the edge of a clip within the timeline. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse left or right to trim the clip. You then release the mouse button. That way you erase the beginning or end of the video.

Want to drastically change the order or delete a scene from the video clip? In that case, it pays to split the fragments. You cut the video into several pieces, so that you can possibly give it a different place on the timeline. Throw away unusable parts. Start the preview via the play button. Just when you want to split the video clip, click the pause button. Confirm now with Split.

Chop video clips into multiple chunks and rearrange the order on the timeline as you see fit.

Edit video clip

As soon as you click a video clip on the timeline, various tools appear in the right pane. Under the category EDIT for example, do you find the option Adjust. If you click on it, a new window will appear. Use the sliders to change the transparency, brightness, contrast, and saturation. Via the slider below blur you can blur the images if you want. Confirm with Done Adjusting.

Do you find it difficult to manually adjust the colors and do you prefer to use a ready-made filter? There are several nice filters hidden in Kapwing. In the timeline, select a video clip and in the right pane, go to Edit / Adjust / Filters. You now click on a nice template, after which you confirm with Apply Filter.

In the right pane there are even more interesting tools to customize the video clip. Pass through crop for example, resize the image and change with speed the playback speed. You can also turn the volume up or down and add rounded corners if desired. Finally, use the options under ROTATE to correct a tilted video.

You can adjust the colors of a video clip via several sliders.

Background music

It’s also easy to add background music to your movie. In the sidebar on the left, click audio and then Click to upload audio. Double-click a sound file in the explorer to add it to the timeline. The nice thing is that Kapwing supports all common formats, such as mp3, aac and flac.

The audio track appears below the video clip timeline. Adjust the location if necessary and make the song shorter if necessary. In the right window you set the volume level. Try to find a good balance between the sound of the video and the background music. In addition to audio, you can also add text, images and shapes to the movie from the aforementioned sidebar.

Save movie

Are you satisfied with the installation? Then you save a video file of this on the computer. Click on the top right Export Video and wait for Kapwing to set up the final film. Through Download save an mp4 file of the ending movie.

It is also possible to share the result directly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Finally, you may share a video link with acquaintances. Just keep in mind that the movie will only stay on the Kapwing server for two days. Have fun assembling!

Save the movie as an MP4 file on your computer.

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