New 27-inch iMac gets different colors (and gets thinner)

According to the latest rumors, the new 27-inch iMac will be thinner and come in different colors. Here’s what we know about the new desktop Mac so far!

27-inch iMac gets thinner with different colors

The new 27-inch iMac is likely to appear in the spring of 2022. Apple is expected to officially unveil the new desktop at a spring event. The iMac will then (we hope) hit the market sometime between the end of March and the end of June next year.

iMac 27 inch

Apple is going to make a few changes: The new iMac will be thinner and probably get different colors. Whether the 27-inch iMac will have the same colors as the 24-inch version remains to be seen. There are even rumors that the 27-inch iMac will get a dark version of the colors that the current iMac has. A striking detail picked up by many Apple fans is that the colors of the 24-inch iMac are very similar to the various shades of the iMac G3 from 1998.

iMac 2018 expectations

To make the naming a bit easier, the new iMac will probably be called ‘iMac Pro’. With this name, it is clearly distinguishable from the 24-inch iMac, and is on the same level as the MacBook Pros.

iMac with mini LED

There have been rumors about the iMac Pro before. Apple is expected to reduce the screen edges of the 27-inch iMac. There are also rumors that Apple will use mini-LED as a display technology. This would make the screen comparable to the display of the MacBook Pro from earlier this year. However, it is not certain that Apple will switch to mini-LED, because according to the latest rumors it is also possible that the 27-inc Mac will have an LCD panel again.

iMac 24 inch

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