New Fiat 500 appears

Fiat is working hard behind the scenes on a real successor to the current 500 generation. Our espionage photographer has managed to get that newcomer to the lens.

Fiat will be parking a completely new 500 in the European showrooms this year, a car that also has an electric version: the 500th. It is that car that Fiat is testing around the polar circle.

The new electric 500, which in time will be joined by the already announced station-like 500 Giardiniera, will undoubtedly have a greater operating radius than the electric 500 that Fiat currently supplies in the United States, among others. That car is currently, according to the American EPA cycle, about 140 kilometers far. The fact that a fully electric version has already been taken into account when developing the new 500 will undoubtedly provide more room for the batteries. It is expected that Fiat will also use the basis of this new 500 for other models, possibly for the successor to the Panda.

Fiat is going to produce the new 500 in its factory in Mirafiori, Italy, but most likely it will also be built in the United States (Michigan) for the North American market. We need to wait a bit for more clarity. Fiat may already be presenting the new 500 at the Geneva Motor Show.

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