For a digital game of bingo, you’ve come to the right place with this app.

Maikel Dijkhuizen

Buy a form with virtual money and start a game in landscape mode. Pay close attention, because you must immediately cross off the numbers drawn. You do this by tapping the right number each time. The English-speaking ‘game leader’ initially pronounces the numbers quite quickly, but fortunately you can easily adjust the speed. To do this, tap the gear at the top.

bingo swiper

Do you have a full (slanted) row or column? Then confirm at the bottom with Bingo! and earn new coins. It is good to know that the numbers on the four corners together are also good for bingo. You can play with two (or more) forms at the same time if you wish. In practice, players do not win every game. If you run out of coins, you will receive new credit after a few hours. If you don’t want to wait for that, you can buy additional coins for a fee.

A major advantage is the absence of advertising.

PCA stars 4 5 335

Absolute Bingo

4 and half stars

Price: free
System requirements: Android 5.0+, iOS 12.0+
Language: English