The new SkullCcandy Crusher ANC XT2 is immediately assigned a top position in class and price.

Aad Munsterman and Rob Coenraads

SkullCandy Crusher ANC 2 left

This model is listed online as “Crusher ANC 2 Sensory Bass with Active Noise Canceling” and that one Sensory Bass immediately indicates the accent and the target group: lovers of music with a solid and palpable bass.

The plastic over-the-ear model with soft cushions weighs 330 grams and is stylishly finished in matte black. A handy storage box with 3.5mm and USB connection cable is included. You can switch these headphones on and off with an orange button, pairing is done via Bluetooth 5.2 or the 3.5mmjack-cable. The other buttons and a rotary wheel are for operating the many functions. The installation is easy with the English Skull-IQ app, adjusting the headband is simple via a click mechanism. The equalizer adjusts the sound profile to your hearing via a hearing test.

There are numerous functions, e.g. Voice Control to operate the headphones with your voice (Dutch not supported), with Spotify Tap you can go directly to your Spotify account and thanks to the Tile technology you can easily find it if you lose it. The sound is also good because you can adjust it to your own hearing and taste. With the Crusher option you can create your own sensation party where you not only hear the bass, but also feel it. The microphones are tailored to speech and reproduce the voice clearly, the battery lasts approximately 50 hours.

A unique and functionally well-equipped headset that fits comfortably with good sound.

Product: Skullcandy Crusher ANC XT2

4 stars

Recommended retail price:

* easily adaptable and good quality sound
* boost for audible and tactile bass

* no Dutch support
* no hi-res codecs