Surfshark VPN: how to get a promo code?

One of the best trusted VPNs, Surfshark also distributes its service by subscription. A way to ensure that the provider will not use your personal data to finance its infrastructure, but which may push some exchanges to think twice.

However, Surfshark is one of the VPN companies with one of the most aggressive pricing schedules. If the monthly subscription costs more or less the same as the competition, the Dutch supplier displays very competitive prices on long plans and regularly puts in place promotions during the high times of the year. Here’s how to benefit from this service at the best quality-price ratio.

How to get a discount at Surfshark?

A promotion of -84%

The best way to benefit from a discount at Surfshark is to subscribe to one of the long-term offers. Like its competitors, the supplier applies decreasing prices on long subscriptions, both on its basic Starter package and on its One and One+ plans.

In detail, the Surfshark Starter pack includes access to the VPN, as well as an ad and cookie blocker at the price of:

  • €15.45/month for 1 month;
  • €3.99/month for 12 months, billed at €47.88 at once (then €56.13/year after automatic renewal), a reduction of 74%;
  • €2.49/month for 24 months, billed €59.76 in one go (then €56.13/year, or €112.26 excluding VAT for 2 years, after automatic renewal), i.e. a reduction of 84%.

The Surfshark One pack includes the benefits of the Starter pack and offers access to a private search engine, antivirus, and online identity protection tools including aliases at the price of:

  • €17.95/month excluding VAT for 1 month;
  • €4.09/month excluding tax for 12 months, billed at €49.08 excluding tax in one go (then €74.20/year excluding tax after automatic renewal), i.e. a reduction of 77%;
  • €3.19/month excluding VAT for 24 months, billed at €76.56 excluding VAT in one go (then €74.20/year excluding VAT, or €148.40 excluding VAT for 2 years, after automatic renewal), a reduction of 82 %.

Finally, the Surfshark One+ pack includes tools for automatic deletion of personal information stored in company databases and people search websites, in addition to the benefits available with Starter and One, at the price of:

  • €20.65/month excluding VAT for 1 month;
  • €6.49/month excluding tax for 12 months, billed at €77.88 excluding tax in one go (then €92.98/year excluding tax after automatic renewal), i.e. a reduction of 69%;
  • €4.97/month excluding VAT for 24 months, billed at €119.28 excluding VAT in one go (then €92.98/year excluding VAT, or €185.96 excluding VAT for 2 years, after automatic renewal), a reduction of 76 %.

You will have understood, whatever the formula and the advantages that suit you, the most interesting way to benefit from Surfshark remains to subscribe to the 24-month packages, and thus make savings of up to 84% on your Invoice.

surfshark servers ©

Satisfied or refunded

Whether you want to commit to one month, one year or two, Surfshark gives its subscribers the possibility of withdrawing for 30 days thanks to its satisfied or refunded guarantee applicable to all the packages offered.

In all cases, it will be necessary to advance the subscription fees, but the supplier is rigorous in respecting its reimbursement policy. In case of dissatisfaction, simply contact support within the allotted time, by email at

As part of its refund policy, Surfshark allows Internet users to use the money-back guarantee a maximum of two times, provided that a minimum of 6 months separates the two termination requests. This guarantee does not apply to renewals.

Promotional highlights at Surfshark

Apart from automatic reductions made on long-term subscriptions, Surfshark regularly runs contextualized promotional campaigns. Don’t hesitate to keep an eye on the evolution of price scales during sales periods, end-of-year celebrations or back-to-school periods, for example.

The advantages of Surfshark

Considered one of the best VPNs of the moment, Surfshark has quickly conquered a solid community of Internet users. So much so that after only four years of existence, Nord Security (NordVPN), detecting a serious competitor, absorbed it in 2022.

Today, Surfshark continues to claim some form of independence from its parent company. Still domiciled in the Netherlands, an EU member state but whose legislative framework is very favorable to respect for privacy and anonymity online, the provider administers a very vast infrastructure made up of more than 3,200 servers RAM, spread across around a hundred countries.

surfshark alternative id ©

In addition to these network specifics, Surfhsark is one of the most inventive VPN providers in terms of security features. We owe him in particular the development of dynamic Multi-Hop, a VPN allowing subscribers to manually select an input server and an output server, and more recently the deployment of the Alternative ID option, a function for creating digital aliases.

Finally, in terms of data security, Surfshark applies a very strict no-log confidentiality policy regularly audited by independent firms. The latest report dates back to January 2023 and confirms compliance with the commitments made by the supplier.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN

  • storage

    3200 servers

  • language

    100 countries covered

  • lan

    Unlimited simultaneous connections

  • mood

    Free trial 30 days

  • description

    No data log


Surfshark is a top-tier service, almost on par with the best VPNs on the market. It stands out by offering an unlimited number of simultaneous connections as well as advanced security tools. It is one of the best possible choices for the general public.

Read the full review Try Surfshark VPN now!

Surfshark VPN Benefits
  • Above average speeds
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Nexus Network
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Antivirus solution
Cons Surfshark VPN
  • Cross-platform coverage to improve
  • Unstable web extensions

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