The best apps for a romantic Valentine’s Day

To make your Valentine’s Day run romantic: the best apps for iPhone and iPad, especially for Valentine’s Day. From sending a flower or card, to booking a surprising weekend trip: we present the best apps to you.

Create a romantic Valentine’s Day with these apps

Valentine’s Day is coming. Whether you are going to celebrate that extensively depends on you and your partner. In any case, there are hundreds of apps that try to make your Valentine’s Day a fun experience. From games that let you get to know each other better, to apps to do something fun for two outdoors, there is something for everyone. Regardless of whether you want to celebrate a long-term relationship or are looking for a sweetheart at the last minute: Techzle fished the nicest and most practical apps from the App Store. No hassle with bears and corny poems so, but Valentine’s Day apps that can make life that little bit more romantic.

  • Gift
  • Stickers
  • Wallpapers
  • Fast dating
  • Send a card
  • Dining out
  • Cooking dinner
  • Hush radio listening
  • Grab a movie
  • Try positions
  • Plan a getaway
  • Getting to know eachother
  • Romantic walk

To complete the atmosphere at home you can make your lighting romantic with smart lamps and dimmers. In our tip we explain how you approach this.

Give an Apple gift

If you want to surprise your loved one with a nice gift on Valentine’s Day, check out our Apple gift guide. From small gifts of a few tens to larger gifts to make your loved one happy: there is something for everyone. For example, think of an iPhone case with selfie flash, so that you look good together. An Apple Watch strap is also always appreciated, while you both enjoy having a smart home accessory.

Stickers with hearts: Be My Valentine Stickers

Of all the apps with Valentine’s Day, this is the most accessible. Since iMessage has received stickers, we are completely crazy with pictures of dogs, cartoons and other funny stuff. Around Valentine, it is time to look for a sticker pack and you will find that the offer is really huge. Especially roses and bears, but sometimes there are also some more surprising things such as these animated stickers, with which you can ask someone in a fun way: “Do you want to be my Valentine?”. Simple, but effective.

Sugar-sweet wallpaper: Valentines Wallpapers

Hundreds of wallpapers that will put you in the right mood. This collection consists of hearts, flowers and boxes of candy, but also photos of romantic couples. This is a collection of wallpapers in any desired format. With the built-in search function you can quickly find what you are looking for and you can create a list of favorites. If you cannot choose, there is also the possibility to sort the wallpapers by popularity and you can help others by sharing the wallpaper with friends. That is also possible via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, whatever you want.

Dating: Happn

You have little use of the Valentine’s Day apps if you do not have a loved one. If you’re still looking for a date for Valentine’s Day, you can of course always go Tinderen. But if you want to know for sure that you will find someone who has been close to you, then Happn is a nice alternative. Just like in Tinder you can like or dislike a profile, but the selection is only based on people you have actually visited. For example, if you walk through the city, you will only find people in the app who were around at the same time. For example, the chance of a date that lives close to your neighborhood is a lot bigger, so you don’t have to sit alone with Valentine’s Day.

Send a digital ticket: JibJab

In our list of card apps you can see with which apps and services you can send a physical card. Also nice, but if you are afraid that the card will not arrive on time, you can also opt for a digital copy. with JibJab you make funny cards with a photo or video of yourself. You can also make gifs with it. Some tickets are free, others cost money.

Eating out: TheFork

Eating out with just the two of you is always a good idea on Valentine’s Day. TheFork (formerly IENS) is a restaurant app that many restaurants are affiliated with, so you can always find a suitable restaurant nearby. You will find thousands of restaurants in this app, also outside the Netherlands and Belgium and you can reserve a table directly from the app. The app contains all kinds of restaurants, such as French bistros, Asian cuisine, but also chic star restaurants. No matter what you feel like, TheFork has a suitable restaurant in store for you. And thanks to the many reviews you know for sure that you will arrive at a good restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Very cozy. Also view our list of restaurant apps for even more ideas.

Besides via TheFork you can also easily reserve a table through Apple Cards. With Siri you can immediately find a nice restaurant in the area and book it immediately.

Cooking a romantic dinner for two: Kitchen Stories

Nothing is more romantic than a candlelight dinner. If you and your partner don’t like a fancy restaurant, you can of course always make it cozy at home by putting together an extensive dinner on the table. Kitchen Stories is a good app to get inspiration for a delicious meal, both on the iPhone, iPad and new Apple TV. Thanks to the many videos, cooking instructions are explained loudly and clearly, so that the non-hobby chef can also put a meal on the table. Kitchen Stories also provides advice for a nice wine, although you can also use the Vivino (link) app for that. The app sometimes has English instructions, but there are also many Dutch recipes. By filtering on types of dishes you will always find something tasty.

Hush radio listening: Lovesongs Radio

If you are at home for dinner with just the two of you, romantic music in the background is a must. Valentijn Radio is a Dutch app in which more than forty radio stations have been merged. Think of the biggest love songs in Sky Radio, but also the sultry background music of NPO Soul & Jazz. Or what about Candlelight Radio, the ultimate channel for an extensive dinner. The app also supports AirPlay, so you can stream all music to, for example, your Apple TV or sound system. Who knows where the sultry music of Lovesongs Radio leads to before the evening goes on … If you need other radio apps, we have a handy round-up for that.

Get a movie: Pathé and Vue

If there is still time for a fun activity after dinner, you can go to a romantic movie together. There will probably still be a number of love films in the cinema, but an action film or comedy is of course also great if you both love it. The cinema apps from Pathé and Vue show you the selection immediately and quickly buy a ticket. Pathé even has support for Wallet and allows you to pay via Apple Pay: so extra easy. You can choose the best spot for yourself and your partner via the interactive map. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone or with friends, you can of course also do this with these apps.

Try new positions: Kamasutra

If you want to end the evening (or night) with a blast, this app can help you with that. Whether you want to try completely new things or give the bedroom activities a new boost, this Kamasutra app brings you ideas. In Pocket Kamasutra you can choose how you want to see the images: line drawings or wooden drawing dolls. This app is especially useful for people who want to complete an entire program, because you can create both favorites and a to-do list. In fact, prior to your romantic evening, you can create a playlist of positions you want to try that evening. If you neatly keep records, you can see exactly which positions you have never tried, which you have already assessed and which you have recently viewed. The description of each position is rather brief and is reminiscent of a fitness app: you can see exactly which parts of the body and muscle groups have to take action. Also at each position is whether you burn a lot of calories with it and how difficult it is. The app looks a bit dated, but is one of the few Kamasutra apps that has been updated. Alternatively there is also the other Kamasutra app to try, although the offer there is a bit scanty.

Romantic getaway: Expedia

If you want to take it really big, then you can plan a last-minute weekend trip with all kinds of apps for Valentine’s Day. Book a nice hotel and make a city trip for example. With Expedia you will find both individual hotels and a combination of a flight and hotel. The app also has an Apple Watch version, so you can also view your journeys from your wrist. You can search the app at your current location, but of course you can also enter a world step. The app contains all kinds of hotels: from large chains to smaller hotels. And if you are looking for a flight, the app shows tickets from various airlines.

Getting to know each other better: Happy Couple

Do you think that communication in your relationship could improve somewhat? Get to know your partner better by taking a daily quiz. In this way you learn to understand each other better in a playful way. By answering 5 short questions every day you improve your relationship. In this way you become more unnoticed in conversation with each other and you get to know each other’s feelings and values ​​better. You can also guess your partner’s answers. You earn points so that you reach new levels. You can also challenge each other with a fun activity.

Romantic walk: Around the block

Maybe you know a nice park or a forest in your area. But if you need a route suggestion or don’t want to think too much about it, then Blokje is the solution. You can walk almost immediately and can therefore focus completely on your loved one, without being distracted by thoughts such as “Will there still be a turn?” or “Is it not too far?” You get an overview of nice places on the route, so you can stop for a drink on the way. The handy thing is that with Blokje you always get a walk with your current location as a starting point and that you know exactly how many kilometers you will walk.


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