Travelers must return Vision Pro at the airport – here’s why

Are you taking a Vision Pro to a European airport? Then there is a good chance that you will be arrested. This is what’s going on.

Vision Pro not available in Europe

Apple finally released the Vision Pro at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can get the spatial computer everywhere, because the Vision Pro is currently only available in the United States. It is expected that Apple will soon bring the headset abroad, with the Vision Pro appearing first in China and Canada. Only then will countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium follow.

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So it will take a while before the Vision Pro appears in stores here. A number of European users therefore choose to travel to the United States to get the headset themselves. That sounds easier than it is, because in Germany travelers with a Vision Pro are now stopped at the airport. In some cases the headset is even taken away. There is a good chance that the same thing will happen in the Netherlands.

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Problems at the airport due to Vision Pro

In Germany, several travelers with a Vision Pro have been arrested at the airport in recent days. This has to do with the import tax that must be paid on the spatial computer. German travelers are obliged to declare purchases abroad above 430 euros to customs. Don’t you do that? Then you risk a fine and have to hand in the Vision Pro.

The latter has now happened to several travelers, they had to return the Vision Pro at the airport in Berlin. It is not clear when they will get the Vision Pro back, if previous situations are taken into account, the process sometimes takes up to a year. The same regulations apply in the Netherlands, here too you can import a maximum of 430 euros worth of items outside the European Union. With the starting price of $3,499, the Vision Pro always puts you above that.

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Declare it at Dutch customs

Do you plan to get the spatial computer in the United States? Make sure you immediately indicate at the airport that you have a Vision Pro with you. This way you prevent unnecessary costs from being incurred. After all, the same regulations apply in the Netherlands, so there is a good chance that customs will detain you here too. The large box in which the Vision Pro is transported is not easy to hide.

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Apple is expected to release the headset in the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of this year or early next year. The glasses are already coming to larger European countries such as Germany and France. In that case, you no longer have to visit an airport with the Vision Pro, but import tax also applies in the car. The chance that you will be arrested is a lot less. So just be patient, because Apple’s first spatial computer will soon arrive in Europe.

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