Volkswagen ID7 cheaper again, ID7 Tourer prices announced

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Volkswagen ID7 TourerVolkswagen ID7 TourerVolkswagen ID7 TourerVolkswagen ID7 TourerVolkswagen ID7Volkswagen ID7

Volkswagen ID7 Tourer

Volkswagen has announced the first prices for the ID7 that will probably be the most popular here in the Netherlands: the Volkswagen ID7 Tourer. It is slightly more expensive than its hatchback brother, which has only been reduced in price once again.

Volkswagen previously shaved thousands of euros off the prices of the ID7. Now things are being reduced again and a price tag will be added to the ID7 Tourer. We’ll start with the hatchback; because it is now available as a Pro from €57,990. That is two grand less than the price we heard in November. If you prefer the more luxurious Pro Business, you will spend at least €60,490, €1,000 less than before.

As Volkswagen already promised when introducing the ID7 Tourer, its price is quite close to that of the hatchback. The Volkswagen ID7 Tourer is available as a Pro from €58,990, making it exactly €1,000 more expensive than the hatchback. This also applies to the ID7 Tourer as Pro Business, which costs at least €61,490.

As a Pro, the ID7 has 19-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, a head-up display, keyless access, dual-zone climate control, a reversing camera and heated front seats. The Pro Business goes one step further with LED matrix lighting, adaptive cruise control, electrically adjustable front seats, velor upholstery, three-zone climate control, dark tinted rear windows and metallic paint.

In all cases you have the Volkswagen ID7 with a 286 hp drivetrain and a 77 kWh battery pack. The largest range is for the hatchback as Pro: it reaches 621 km according to the WLTP cycle. With the ID7 Tourer you sacrifice 14 km of driving range compared to the hatchback.

Prices Volkswagen ID7 March 2024

Assets Battery Driving range Price
Volkswagen ID7 hatchback
ID7 Pro 286 hp 77 kWh 621 km €57,990
ID7 Pro Business 286 hp 77 kWh 617 km €60,490
Volkswagen ID7 Tourer
ID7 Tourer Pro 286 hp 77 kWh 607 km €58,990
ID7 Tourer Pro Business 286 hp 77 kWh 603 km €61,490

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